Solstice June 2018 Global Meditation and Energy Transmission Event

Thursday June 21st, 2018

Event Starts—>11 AM Eastern Time

Join Me Esther Bartkiw and Let’s Celebrate The Maximum Incoming Power of The Sun. Together Harnessing The Solstice Energies To Empower Our Mind, Illuminate Our Energy Field, Charge Our Soul, Receive More Life Force, Wisdom and Love.

Creating Deep Inner Transformation, DNA Activation And A Beautiful Unfolding
Of Change In Your

June 21st we celebrate the Mid-Year Solstice. A powerful time to fully integrate all energies on your new timelines, new paths of potential and integrate your Multi-Dimensional aspects in the Heart. The powerful influx of energies from The Great Central Sun will thrust up to the surface any deep individual and collective shadow energy for transformation as you gear up to move into the back-end of our Earth Year. The opportunity presents to raise your frequency and initiate a new cycle of Time and Experience for yourself and the Earth. On Solstice energetic powers are magnified and the possibility to reset your life in new vibrations, frequencies and the new Light of the Sun presents.

During this Special Event Esther and The Beings of Light will be attuning you to the powerful June Solstice Energies. Conduct Energy Clearings, Release and Infusions to Assist you in every area of your life.

June Solstice Energy is a high-octane energy that will boost your journey of change and transformation and help you to realize more of who you be


and assist in the creation of your heart’s desires.

This Event is being held 11 AM Eastern Time allowing everyone around the globe the opportunity to participate Live or catch the Replay at your convenience during Solstice.

Please join us in this planetary transmission and global meditation event—->

Event Details:

Date: Thursday June 21st, 2018

Time: 11 AM Eastern Time  

10 AM Central, 8 AM Pacific,  3 PM Universal, 5 pm CEST, 11 PM Western Australia

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Length: 60 Minutes Pure Energy Transmissions 

Join us Live or Listen to the Replay anytime during the day you choose for your Solstice Celebration

Via: Web, Skype, or Telephone

Cost: $47 Canadian (+ hst where applicable)

Recording: Replay + MP3 download

***If you are unable to attend the event live the replay will be active for 10 days following the event and you will be able to download an MP3 recording. The energy is embedded into the recording.

$47.00 Canadian (hst if applicable) Add to cart

*Ticket is for one person. No refunds once purchase has been made.


During June Solstice the Sun is at it’s highest point over the equator where it appears to pause or stand still in the sky. The longest day in the north and the shortest day in the south.

At that moment a Universal Portal opens up flooding the planet, ALL of humanity and the kingdoms of the Earth with the highest vibrations and frequencies of Divine Cosmic Energy.

The Light of Solstice is powerful. Prime Creator always sending us on this twice a year event, the highest most expansive vibrations we on Earth are ready to receive as determined by our consciousness. The more awake we as collective are and the higher our collective vibration, the more New Light, New Codes, New Consciousness, New Vibrations Universe sends.

On Solstice many follow in the tradition of ancient cultures and celebrate, honour the Sun, Light, the Divine, our own Divinity and receive the energies for our highest and best and to anchor them onto the planet for the good of ALL.

The Light is who we are as a spark of God, Source Energy.

We are Light.  Our Light is housed by our body vehicle. As we awaken to the knowing of who we truly be: Love, Light, Divine , embody more of our Light and LIVE as Light, the Light of Solstice takes us to new heights and levels of our Earth experience.

The Light of Solstice further stimulates our awakening and the awakening of the collective.

The outpouring of Light on Solstice also acts as a reminder that Light trumps dark. That the dark dissolves in the presence of LIGHT.

Many gather in ceremony on Solstice Day. Some in solitude, others in groups and offer gratitude, receiving the energies, a practice engaged in by ancient cultures and continued in present day.

It’s a good day to be outdoors playing, enjoying life, laughing, spending time in the Sun, with the Sun; connecting to the Earth.

Filling with Light. Flushing out darkness.

Powering up with Source Energy. Acknowledging our blessings and all of the changes which have occurred since December Solstice.

Allowing New Solstice Light into our heart, mind, body and energy field.

I also see Solstice as being the official wrap up to the proceeding Eclipse Season which this year was in February. Solstice being the energy that pulls together all we have learned and implemented as change since the beginning of the year as we complete a six month cycle. At the same time this cosmic event readies us for the start of of a new six month cycle and the next Eclipse Season which starts in July this time with three life changing eclipses… unusual.

On Solstice we will gather in oneness to receive as a group avatar the Celestial energies and frequencies of this cosmic event which will catapult us forward in our lives.

Whether you are a much-loved regular attendee of these events or new to our global energy transmissions, Welcome. Please join us to celebrate Solstice, receive the energy, give back to humanity and the planet.

$47.00 Canadian (hst if applicable) Add to cart


Personal Note From Esther:Hello Beautiful Being of Light. This is the point on an Event Page where I would normally outline for you everything we are going to do and cover during the Energy Transmission.

The Truth is that over the last couple of years it has become challenging to offer information in advance on the material to be covered. Everything is changing so quickly. Even the Beings of Light and our Guides are unsure how life on Earth will continue to unfold because so much is happening, people are waking up rapidly, those in resistance are digging in and of course we always have Free Will Choice.

During the last couple of Solstice, Eclipse and Equinox Events the information regarding Energy Transmissions has come right in the moment of the call, or in the hours prior to the event. Thus allowing me to work with up to the minute guidance and information and what presents in conscious information, energy waves, new frequencies, awareness etc…

And I love it. Moving with the flow of the energy rather than anticipating what will be.

Having stated all of the above I have already been informed by my Divine Guidance that one piece we will be working on is Chakra Work and addressing the Chakra’s in a way that suspect very few of you have ever considered. In fact when I received the download the information was new to me and much welcomed. I look forward to seeing what else will present for our Group Avatar on Solstice Day.

I Also Extend To You This Promise—>During this Energy Transmission Event I will offer you everything I am inspired and guided to give, to help you Break Free. Break Free of limitations that hold you back from a fuller expression of your Divine Self.

  • I promise that I will attune and align you to the highest vibrations and frequencies on the planet available in the moment.
  • I promise that with your consent, I will stretch you energetically and consciously in order to create the greatest amount of shift possible.
  • I promise to work with you powerfully and gently to create change within and in your outward reality.
  • I promise that as we work together individually and as Group Avatar we will also work to effect global and planetary change.
  • I promise an energetic experience that will affect you in some area of your life creating transformation as you follow through with personal guidance of action steps to take.

If you are hearing an inner Yes to this Energy Transmission, awesome. I invite you to register now by clicking the link below.

If you still have any questions about this Event please email me and I will be happy to answer them.

So until we meet in the Ethers on Solstice Day ~ Shine Brightly!

~Love, Esther

$47.00 Canadian (hst if applicable) Add to cart

Testimonials and Celebrations!

I Got Healed! 

Esther’s energy transition was so powerful that in the same second she said, “Lungs have been worked on, someone with a lot of mucus and congestion…” I got healed. Been fighting for weeks a nonsense runny nose and mucus, and just in that instant everything went away! I am totally cleared!!! ~Martha Face Book

Left Knee Healing

When the opening Meditation was done by Esther. My left knee felt the energy moving and I was in AWE when she said someone on the call is having problems with the left knee. I was ecstatic for the healing energy on it. ~Carol Rock

Pain Has Eased Tremendously ~Colon Is Clear

I have been having excruciating pain in my left hand, in the palm, and joints for over 2 weeks now and doctors despite several test couldn’t find anything wrong. Since starting this program with Esther pain has eased tremendously. On Wednesday my biopsy results came for my colon and all clear. I have been feeling much more calm/grounded. ~Nishna R

Heart Connection Grows Stronger

As I am working with you through this program my Heart connection is stronger, even in daily life it is pouring out, and this pouring out feels so beautiful in my body. ~Suzanne

Digestive System Healing

I am noticing huge shifts through your program and energy work and I can feel it working through my digestive system. I am full of
energy, positivity and excitement for new possibilities! ~Cheryl

The Activation Broke Up My Blocks

The activation went deep, especially in my chest. It broke up, my block. I listened to the first part of the recording of the class, did some gardening/weeding drank tea, relaxed and let go. Then had dinner and listened to the last hour. I think the exercise made my brain have a workout so I needed a break ! Glad I did as the second piece just melted in, lots of shimmering mainly in the heart area, and lifting out, felt like stuff was being lifted/eased out. ~Valerie, UK

Slept through the night first time in years!
I listened to this call yesterday (addressing issue of feeling unsafe) several times and felt my mood shift through the day.
I went to bed listening to it and slept through the night for the first time in years! ~Alana

In 7 Days I Found A Publisher Thank you for the Miracle videos. Since doing them I was able to find a good self-publishing company at long last and self-published my book free with them in less than a week! ~Daphne, Germany

Shoulder Pain Gone! The pain in my left shoulder area is gone and it all feels lighter and there is more movement. This pain has been an issue for about 4 years! Also, my true feelings and thoughts are just coming out without thinking about it and without apology! Thank you thank you thank you!! ~Patricia Jones

Intuition Is Growing Stronger Ever since I did the session with you the other day, my intuition has been right on track. Last night at work the mother of the lead actress in our current musical, asked me to watch her daughter’s big number. It was later in the performance, I was very busy in my office. She said you will know what time to come in and watch. I had a rough idea of when to go into the theater. I went in to check and see where they were in the play so I wouldn’t miss her, and within 1 minute, she was on for her big number! Thank you universe, for taking care of me and putting me in the right place at just the perfect time! Thank you Esther for another fabulous session! It’s working!! ~Diondra

Filled With Love I’m so filled with love, and so conscious of all new possibilities coming in my life! Doors and doors were opening while you were talking, and I just remembered how I felt when I was 4 years old and less…I was so naturally happy, so conscious of the presence of God. This is how I feel now. I’m grateful for this wonderful session, for the Universe, for this Earth which I love so much, for who you are, for this powerful group and for who I am. ~Josee

I Got My Sexy Back! Your body confidence stuff worked. In the months since Confident Attractive You Class, this fifty something year old woman went from a size 4 to a size 2, works out more regularly, and is flirting and texting with a delightful guy. I feel, sexy, body confident that I never really had in my younger days. Thank you! ~S.T. In the USA

Energy Attunement Created Healing I was instantly engulfed and transported within fast swirling energies to a new place that felt safe, loving and full of wonder. I just allowed and observed my calm within it all. It felt like I was being connected from deep within myself to everything outside of my physical body.

The flow of colorful energies ebbed and flowed as I kept saying “I AM HEALED and I AM GRATEFUL for ALL.” “I AM loved and supported … My spine and all of its beautiful parts are supported and healed.” Then I felt the freedom and joy and abundance of being healed for the balance of the Attunements. ~Nancy Justice

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