Solstice that time of the year when the Sun aligns with the galactic center of our Milky Way, the womb of the Universe, opening a gateway to a direct stream of Light and High Consciousness onto the planet. We celebrate Solstice this year December 21st at 11:28 am Eastern Time. Solstice Energies, offering Blessings and acting as Change Agents for All.

At the same time the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn where Saturn just took up residence. They align with recent New Moon energies still lingering, and together energetically, create the opportunity for monumental change in our lives personally and globally.

Sun= Light, Power, Consciousness, Growth
Saturn= Responsibility, Getting Serious, Create Solid Lasting Structures
Capricorn: Get Things Done, Manifestation, In Your Hands Tangible Results

All energies present with the Energies of Solstice. Amen.

While Solstice energies are always unique and always ushering in magnificent energies onto the planet, this year there is much happening on so many levels, unique to each person, and situation. A generalization of what may present is just that a generalization. I suggest to those reading this post to honour your process as it unfolds for you. At some point take time to pause and give thanks to Universe, honour the Light, be in allowance of the waves of energy to penetrate you on a deep cellular level to create change in your life on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels along with global shift.

Receive, and as you receive allow for release, a shift of change to new perspectives, new awareness, new concepts of reality. And take inspired action to support those awarenesses.

While at this time of the year the collective patterning has been to slow down. Kids are off school and companies shut their doors. Regardless of religious affiliations many take time off and move into holiday mode.

What I am receiving is that the days from now to end of this earth year will be full of opportunities for CHANGE. There is much happening behind the scenes as the saying goes, meaning behind closed doors, on the political front, up in the cosmos and within You. Yes it is time for Being and enjoying special time with yourself, friends, family with nature; it is not a time to shut down consciously. What I am receiving is that throughout the days ahead you will be asked many times by that little inner voice to make choices and decisions, personal ones, and choices that affect the world climate and atmosphere. For the Spirit Warriors it is time to be vigilant, discerning and choosing out of LOVE for the highest and best of all.

We are hours away from Solstice. As I am hosting a Solstice Energy Transmission Event I will be pulling away from my computer and engaging in deep communication with my Guidance, the Sun, Universe as to how best serve you during the energy event. I will take time to anchor Light onto the Earth and participate in a Celebration of the Sun. And so I wish you all a Happy Solstice and for those who I will meet in the ethers for our energy event, “See” you soon.

~Love, Esther

Solstice Energy Transmission Live Event with MP3 Recording if you are not able to attend Live is happening December 21st at 11:00 am Eastern Time. Learn more and sign up Here.

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