Eclipse season starts October 25th with a solar new moon eclipse in scorpio and this one IS going to be intense. The bookend, a full moon lunar eclipse happens November 7/8 in the sign of Taurus.

Eclipses happen in a season with a solar and lunar eclipse. Usually there are two eclipses per season and two seasons per year, but sometimes there can be three.

Eclipse energies are known in the energy and astrology community as game changing, course correcting events that can swipe something away from you, ready or not. Eclipses can help you make a dramatic shift in your life, and or usher in something wonderful you have been wanting and consciously creating … Surprise!  Eclipses hit differently for everyone but everyone experiences and feels some affect.

I like eclipse season, the energies Shake us to Wake Us. And we can all use a shake now and again.

The solar eclipse in scorpio is going to sting many. As I sit to receive a message for you, what I keep hearing is the term “rug pull.” That is a term often used in crypto circles to describe a project where developers trick people into investing money for a cryptocurrency project which is then abandoned and the investors lose all their money.

You’ve also probably heard the phase, “the rug was pulled right out from under me.” Unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

This first solar eclipse will have the element of something taken away from you; a rug pull. It might be something you want gone but haven’t made moves to release it. Or something might be taken away from you and it is shocking but it needs to go in order to usher in what you have been wanting, praying, asking for.

Letting Go to make space for New.

Keep that in mind if it happens to you.

When something is taken away, something new comes in its place.
Your vibration, focus, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions all help to co-create the NEW.

May that be your mantra for eclipse season: Letting Go to make space for New.

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Flow with the energies they will take you to the right place.

Love, Esther 

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