Last night, during the phase of the new moon, I dreamt about a man I called Mr. Hypnosis. He gathered together a group of androgynous looking bald men and lay them face down on the ground in a low lying tent. And then he gassed them.

I was in the tent at the time because I was a curious observer, but made it out to safety once I caught on to what was happening.

As soon as I escaped the death scene, I entered into a small shop where two women with dark curly hair were conversing in a language I sensed was Portuguese.

I approached the first woman and said, “I just had a dream in which a group of men were killed in front of me.”

The two women huddled together and spoke fiercely and rapidly in their native tongue. Then the first woman turned to me and said in English, “This was a good nightmare. You were clearing from yourself aspects and patterns that you no longer want to hold.”

I replied back to the women, “But it wasn’t a nightmare. I was never scared.”

Again they huddled together speaking rapidly in Portuguese.

The first women then looked at me straight in the eye and said, “This is even better. It means you were not afraid and were ready to release what you wanted to get rid of.”

Then I woke up.

The first thing I did was head to the gym and while I worked out my body, my mind and I contemplated the dream. I knew it was significant.

My Soul sent me whispers of help and assistance in deciphering the dreams significance.

You see in early September I did a considerable amount of inner work on myself using Core Belief Engineering and Past Life Regressions. At the time I felt and knew that shifts were happening instantaneously.

But as with all inner work, the integration of change continues on over time. Last night, almost two months after the initial work was complete, the final shift integrated into my psyche.

The dream allowed me the opportunity to not only witness the transformation but also to get confirmation of the change from the two ladies in the store.

And so today I am giddy with excitement knowing that more of what no longer serves me has vanished, allowing me to become more of that which I am.

I am spirit. I am love. I am pure potential.

~Love, Esther



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