Tomorrow February 26th is a New Moon, a day we seed intentions of that which we want to experience in our reality. Add in an Eclipse and those seeds will be turbo boosted by the energies.  As you sett your intentions be specific in your asking. Those of you who have worked with me through sessions, group work or are a regular reader of my posts, know I am stickler for specifics. Without specifics you receive in default.

For instance if you called a Pizza company for delivery and said send me a pizza without being specific as to what kind of pizza you want, you could receive any kind of pizza. Do you want small, medium or large? Regular crust, whole wheat, gluten free? What kind of sauce? Cheese? Toppings? Do you want a side salad?

If you just ask for a Pizza a vegetarian may receive one with meat.    A meat eater may get a veggie pie. Is that anchovies on my pizza?
But I wanted an extra large….

How many times have you prayed and asked for a Politician that actually follows through on his/her campaign promises?

The United States has manifested that politician. Like him or not, Trump is keeping to his word and following through on his campaign promises. The prayers and asking of many have been answered. What could have been more specifically asked for to get a different result?

Aside: I write the above words as illustration as I believe the Trump result is Divine, exactly what is needed to awakened the Collective and further collapse the structures of 3D Illusion, bringing down the Powers that once were and are now scrambling to maintain some kind of control.

I trust you get my intention, that I was specific enough. 

Now set those intentions and offer them up to Solar Eclipse Energies to help you to manifest that which you desire.


~Love, Esther

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