Many people go through a healing crisis when they do inner work and release limitations.

Some become ill, shaky, others may experience extra trips to the bathroom or an increase of the symptoms they are releasing. Sleeplessness, need for extra sleep, hunger, lack of appetite, cravings, sweating, anger, sadness, all kinds of waves of emotions rising to the surface are examples of a healing crisis following inner work.

When I first started my journey of growth I went into deep body purging for months.  I was studying Core Belief Engineering and between the study and the practice sessions that my colleagues and I conducted on one another I was overdosing in inner work.

Because I held so many of my beliefs and other limitations in my physical body my body purged. Frequent trips to the bathroom became the norm. At night I would dream that I was clogging toilets. These dreams were my personal sign that I was purging beliefs from my mind. But what was most noticeable to me and those around me was that I started to look old, strained and under stress. As the energy of my limitations rose to the surface for release my face physically changed. I remember a family member saying to me that she thought I was supposed to be getting better but I looked worse. And I did.

I was shocked when I looked into a mirror and honestly I was a bit concerned at one point wondering if I was moving forward or backward. It was only when it was explained to me that sometimes we go through a healing crisis while engaging in inner work did I begin to understand and become at ease with what was happening.

Since that time I have undergone a number of healing crisises and yes those clogging the toilet dreams continue. Shhh… those dreams excite me because I know something big has shifted.

But here is the good news!

As we ground deeper into the 5D world it is no longer necessary to have a healing crisis when we shift and change.

spiritual healing

Because of beliefs and expectations some people still go through a healing crisis.  In certain instances if what you are clearing is heavy and held by the body then you may feel the purge from your cellular system. I have clients release anger, upset and resentment and then experience bouts of those same feelings and emotions immediately after a session much to their distress. I call it a burp after a good meal. But you no longer have to go into a total melt down.

Next time you do a piece of inner work ask Universe: What would it take to experience this shift without a healing crisis? and watch what presents to you.

In the 5th Dimension the energy is lighter and less dense. We move through experiences with more grace and ease. Claim your right to release limitations without a healing crisis; just say No. Shift any beliefs you hold on the subject and intend for instant integration.

~Love, Esther

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