Sacred Masculine Re-Calibration Webinar

This is our time to refine our experience and expression of our inner warrior, male aspects and Divine Masculine.

Different facets of our Sacred Masculine Energy.

Since 2012 one of the focuses in my business practice has been guiding people to a healing and expansion of the Sacred Feminine within. And we will continue to love, nurture and mature our amazing feminine aspects personally and in the world.

At the same time we must be mindful of not creating separation between our masculine and feminine aspects and energies by neglecting our Sacred Male energies.

The new energies flooding our planet are helping us to not only refine our Sacred Masculine but also to move it into greater harmony with our Sacred Feminine energy. Both aspects standing strong in their power while working and flowing together for the greater good of You and for all.

In this workshop we gather together in group consciousness to reclaim and up lift our Sacred Masculine energies. Re-calibrate the masculine within to be strong, powerful and a contribution to the whole of who we are, supporting us in our day to day life, our conscious and spiritual growth and help us to create the world we want to live in.

And then once we have our Sacred Masculine in good steed within, re-align it with our Sacred Feminine empowering both together creating a powerful coupling.

Love, Harmony, Strength, Peace, Balance and Self Power will rise up to new heights and experience.

Sacred Masculine Re-calibration with Sacred Feminine Re-alignment and Harmonization Webinar

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Length: 2 hours 33 mins

Price: $97 US 

Who Is This Webinar For? It’s For You! And …

  • Anyone who has been working with their Sacred Feminine energies and understands that giving time and attention to Sacred Masculine energies is equally important to your personal process and to ascension 5D New Earth Creation.
  • Anyone who holds a Masculine Energy that dominates to the detriment of life situations, of Feminine Energies and other aspects.
  • Anyone whose Masculine Energy is suppressed and unexpressed.
  • Anyone whose Masculine Energies presents in aggression, outburst, warring, physical and sexual aggression, bullying, manipulation, over drive, all work and no play, all do and no being, hard expression. Pushing away female energies or disrespecting; dominating them.
  • Men whose Masculine Energies over lord other energies.
  • Men whose Masculine Energies have been tamed and subdued.
  • Women whose Masculine Energies have taken over their Feminine Side and keep you from True Self as a Divine Feminine Woman.
  • Women who are overflowing in feminine energies and have neglected, perhaps hid away their masculine side and aspects.
  • This webinar is for anyone who wants to create refinement and balance within of Sacred Masculine and Feminine Energies.

How Will Participating in this Webinar Help You in Your Day To Day Life?

  • Create balance, harmony, peace, RESPECT within.
  • Creative and intellectual aspects within working together.
  • Left and right side of the body balancing.
  • Woman who are too much in their masculine energies will soften.
  • Men will get in touch with their feminine side in a healthy way.
  • Damsels in distress will strengthen their backbone and resolve
  • It will affect your relationships, business, creativity, logic, intellect, action steps, pleasure and play time. Love, money and general well being and outlook on your Self and Life.

Where are you out of balance with Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies within, as individual aspects and as a couple? A repairing of that relationship will affect change in all aspects of your life.

Honestly the possibilities are endless with this process.

How the Class Will Unfold:

  • First we connect and communicate with the Sacred Masculine within. Discover, Explore, Learn about it. Flush out and release limitation and low vibrations. Move it onto a more stable and supportive grounding platform in your mind, body and energy field. Establish a new and supportive partnership within.
  • Second step is to connect with Sacred Feminine Energy within and take her through the same process of refinement, renewal and alignment.
  • Third Step is to guide the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine to observe each other and flush out limiting beliefs and perspectives and enhance positive supportive beliefs and attitudes. Do they admire one another? Or despise one another? We work with these two aspects together to create healing and repair in their relationship and get them to a space of togetherness moving forward in mutual honoring and respect.
  • I Esther Bartkiw will guide you through the process using as foundation the Core Belief Engineering holistic therapy process I have been using on myself and clients successfully for over 16 years.
  • It is a gentle question and answer process where I guide you through an inner communication with your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Energies.

Here’s What Participants Say:

Wow my masculine started as a 20 something seductive alpha male and because a 37 year old gentleman. The sacred masculine and feminine started chatting after the first part and just needed my blessing to come together. By the end they were married. They are deeply in love. She has been waiting for this all of her life.
My Divine Feminine and Masculine are super excited and encouraged to work more closely together. What a beautiful session. It was an encouraging and positive experience for me.
My Sacred Masculine is strong in me but I never really knew this. Now that he is acknowledged he is happier within me.
My Sacred Feminine sees the Masculine as more her equal now rather than less than.
My Sacred Masculine is now my partner and wants to do more with me.
Wow I never realized how loving my Sacred Masculine is. I am going to enjoy this new energy inside of me.

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