I preface this post with an admission that I do not like to run. While I love physical activity and thrive on my daily workouts at the gym, running holds very little interest for me. I find it boring, monotonous and tedious even when running in the great outdoors.

Therefore I was very curious and a bit wary when my Soul began to send me the message that I needed to start running.

It all began yesterday afternoon when I was sitting at my computer catching up on some emails. Out of nowhere that little voice deep inside of me began to speak and told me that it was time to start running again.

Yes there was a time that I did run. It was about 15 years ago. Truthfully running gave me a very toned body, if only I had eaten more nutritiously back then. I haven’t run since and I haven’t felt the pull to run for even one second.

I was told to start slowly. Add 20 minutes of running on the treadmill to my workouts at the gym. Increase the length of time gradually. Then take it outdoors.

My Soul reminded me that at one time I wanted to do a 5 or 10 K run and that perhaps NOW is the time to do it.

I questioned my Soul if it was nudging me to run a marathon or a half marathon. A part of me was very intrigued with the idea for I have many friends who are currently training for marathons. And a part of me was terrified that my Soul was going to nudge me to participate in what I feel is an arduous task.

My Soul smiled and said that if I choose to birth those desires and goals that is my choice; all it wants me to do is run.

I couldn’t get any more information and my sense is that my Soul’s plan will unfold in time. I suspect running is a way of kicking up my work out routine and getting me into even better shape for all that is coming down the pipeline. And yes I suspect some kind of amateur competition is in the works. Psst don’t tell anyone but I really feel up to the challenge.

This morning I honored my Soul’s request, after all I trust it and it was a cardio day. I started with 30 minutes on the cross trainer and then slipped over to the treadmill. My goal was 2 k (that’s about 1.28 miles). Just doing this short distance would be an accomplishment.

I started running and refused to look at the mileage counter. The lady next to me ask me if I was training for something because I am always at the gym working hard. I smiled and said I love working out, moving my body and today I am running  because I got a nudge.  She smiled and nodded in understanding.

When I finally peeked at the mileage I realized that it was being tracked in miles not kilometre’s and my 2 K was really 2 miles (or 3.68 kms). I surpassed my goal by a long shot and I felt great. Didn’t even break a sweat. I could have gone on but I decided to take it slowly as my Soul suggested. Now I am really jacked about getting back into running.

What is my Soul up to? What is this running all about? I sit here in delight eager to see how everything unfolds.

What is your Soul nudging you to do? Are you listening? Are you answering its calls?

~Love, Esther ~



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