Remote Energy Transmission Testimonials

Testimonials From Participants of Remote Energy Healings and Transmission Events

I’ve Lost 5 Pounds! I have also lost another 5 lbs since I signed up for the process, and I truly feel zero point energy has helped with all of this. ~Jaqi, Hawaii
Health Improvement: I have seen improvement in the bladder inflammation, a lot actually. ~M. California
Fear Of Failure And Success Is Gone: I’ve had such a major shift and went from total chaos to such tranquility. Part of the shift was resigning from a business I helped start, and trusting that as I closed that door another one would open that is even more amazing. The day after I resigned, I was presented with an offer that resonates much more with who and what I am. The fear of failure & success that has plagued me has finally gone. ~Liz, New York
Freedom and No Fear: My Soul is free…for real. Those old fears are gone. ~65 in USA
I’m Going To The Gym, Eating Clean, Got A Big Business Idea:
My realization about losing weight and expecting to be famous. Well since I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Just for me. I’ve been making my lunches and eating much more cleaner, without feeling deprived and without spending money to over compensate for not overindulging in food. I’ve had a couple of binges on junk food days but I was able to see why I was doing it. As opposed to just doing it. Another yay! I realized that I have a pattern of resistance. Something I didn’t know before. Because I always saw myself as easy going. These types of realizations are always good. Oh one last thing. I got a big business idea a few weeks ago. Last night, I actually put it on paper. I drew it. Researched it and contacted a company to see how I can manufacture my product and I actually took action. That’s BIG! ~M. Toronto
Releasing The People Pleaser Energy In Me: Wow, what a powerful start, but I was already feeling a lot of energy upon sign up. Thank you! Releasing the “People pleaser” energy in me so I can be my authentic self. ~California
Everything Is Falling Into Place: Esther first of all thank you so much for this program I have been
amazed by the transformation that has taken place everything in my life seems to be falling into place. ~Sherry, Ontario
A TV Designer Asked Me To Come Work With Her + I Feel In The Flow: I have not allowed family drama with my mother to derail me. My husband and I are getting along so well and I’m feeling that love. I’ve had a very serious inquiry about buying a large painting. And just this morning I had an email from the office of a big TV designer asking me to come in and work for a day on a design project.I had applied for a freelance job with her ages ago and never received a response until today. VERY exciting! Thank you Esther for introducing to this beautiful space. ~H.B., Toronto
Breakthrough In My Business Is Coming: I continue to read your posts daily and am loving the energy right now! I feel that a breakthrough with my business is coming and it’s going to be huge, and I know this refinement as been coming with the help of this 31 day process with you. ~Lianne
Third Eye Opening! I’ve been having a lot of energy in my third eye recently, I really mean a lot. ~ Stefan Singh
I Received An Unexpected Cheque: During the program my rent was late and through the energy process and the zero point recording I was able to receive a very unexpected cheque that covered my expense. I also felt lighter freer and so supported. ~S. Toronto
I Got The Answers I Was Looking For: Your energy work really does a fantastic job, I got the answers I was looking for! ~Chris, Germany
I Have New Eyes: I decided today to let my resistance go. In exchange I got my “new eyes.” I felt a veil had been removed and my new eyes clicked instantly into place. It wasn’t hard to do or anything, it was actually really easy. All I had to do was let go. Thanks for the energy transmission of assistance.~Jaqi, Hawaii
I Stood Up For Myself: I wanted to let you know that I’ve been feeling so much more grounded and at peace during this process over the past weeks. One thing that happened this week was that I stood up for myself, was in integrity and true to myself by sharing my feelings about a hurtful situation. I am not attached to the outcome and want to hold into this energy of being in my power. ~L. Toronto.
All My Auto Immune Numbers Went Down To Zero: All my auto-immune numbers went down to zero, first time in months. I still have some minor symptoms from inflammation, trace bacterial infection, but the situation has improved dramatically. ~USA
The Zero Point Meditation Has Made A Huge Difference + I Feel Better About Take Steps:
Thank you so much for that amazing experience last night! The energy was so amazing that two of my cats would not leave my side, they love energy work and I felt like I was buzzing the entire time. So many things just “clicked”, and while it brought up some items that would normally freak me out, it all felt so loving and accepting. I am grateful for the Zeropoint meditation, too – that has made a huge difference this past week with keeping a sense of peace and neutrality. I’ve had a few decisions that have been weighing heavily the past two weeks, and I am now feeling better about taking the necessary steps. ~ Elizabeth
Pineal Gland Opening: It feels like a new connection or what I like to call a “new muscle” seem to be born in between my left brain and my right brain. My Pineal Gland is opening. ~Marc, France
I Recognize Who I Am: I feel so happy today. Happy for no reason. And so grateful too. I was so light all day, even at work, this place I’ve been having so much disdain for. I recognized who I’ve always known myself to be. It was nice. Just wanted to share. ~M. Toronto
Working Out The Kinks: It`s time for me to be the Master of the Game. Lots of beliefs coming up and default Blame…. working those kinks out as we speak and then got your email. Blessings! ~Shafin
I Worked Through My Relationship Issues: Residues of relationship issues I was sure I healed
completely came up again, just for a short moment; I worked through them and released. All day I felt like just caring for myself and that’s what I chose to do. Thank you for your work Esther and your updates, they really help me to understand what’s happening. ~B. Oakville
Eureka I’m A Changed Woman! I am the poster child for this month. And luckily for me, I’ve been blessed
to be part of your 31 Day Energy Event that helps me process all this stuff coming up for release. And boy am I growing and moving up, up, up. This morning I was determined to go speak to my boss’s boss. He’s been a major thorn in my side and newly appointed to the role. I did the elevator exercise moving from my head to my heart and went to chat. Wow!!!! Eureka. I’m a changed woman. What a difference a conversation and a day made. Before our talk I was so nervous but now I feel so much relief. Thx E!!! ~ M. Ontario
I Can Overcome The Barriers In My Life: Dear Esther, I told you in the Beginning of the Energy Event how my life was nearly falling apart. Well not all has fallen on line so far, but I do experience some moments of such joy and happiness that I feel I can overcome the barriers to live my life to the full and go with the rising energy. Thank you so much, I find your work so very helpful, like designed especially for me! ~Love from Silvia, The Hague
Every day I Feel The Energy Work: I am enjoying this program and being with you in the Energy. Everyday I look forward to the email updates and hearing about what is being addressed. I feel the energy work and often meditate for a few minutes to absorb the energy more deeply. Thank you. ~Stacy
I Had A Giant Release Thanks To Someone’s Question. I Can Have It All! I just had a major release moment and I wanted to celebrate! I finally got around to listening to the March Equinox replay. I enjoyed part one and liked practicing expanded breathing into new dimensions. But…I want to re-confirm how valuable listening to the answers to other people’s questions is. Also, to give you an example of how small things can be big to some people! As I was listening someone sent in a question about feeling defeated and Esther you helped them understand that this belief was from a former lifetime of feeling that way. You asked that person to breathe, expand into their higher self and release that limiting belief. I followed along interested, although not feeling the same way (“defeated”). After you went onto the next question, you said “Oh wait, the last person just sent in a response saying ‘Thank you – you are right – I CAN HAVE IT ALL”. Then you continued to say “See, it’s that easy”.
Those moments triggered something for me. I had a GIANT release of that same belief that I know I have been holding onto and want to let go. I yelled “YES! I can have it all!” and started crying all by myself in the kitchen out of nowhere! Very confusing, but I know that was a big moment for me. I tried to continue to breathe and just ask the universe to help me reaffirm the belief that I can have it all. ~C. Ontario
Zero Point Meditation I Use It A lot: Loving this adventure! This past week has been quite something – it’s like I’ve stepped into a whirlwind & have no control over anything. I know deep down that everything will turn out great – better than great – but every time I feel that things are loosening up and I’m finally making headway, I get broadsided with something that I did not see coming. Guess there’s a bit of resistance there! Things I am grateful for: The zero point meditation. I use it daily. A. LOT. The expansion breathing and grounding exercises help tremendously. ~Elizabeth
I See A Veil Being Lifted From The Planet: I’m feeling so exhausted right now. But I have to say I feel pretty good emotionally. I feel happy and peaceful overall. And last Friday (3/20) I felt bliss – felt beautiful energy all day. Thank you for your daily emails during this 31 day event. I know things are shifting. One vision I keep seeing is a veil being lifted from the planet and bright light shining in. I hold onto that
vision as much as I can. ~Karla Bigelow
My Horses Are Whispering To Me: The training with my young horses is mirroring what has been showing up. Yesterday as I was teaching them a new exercise, they would show resistance in the same order. Last night as I was journaling about our lessons I realized that for both horses to behave the same way I had to be the source of miscommunication. Aha I thought about what happened. Their lesson became a big lesson for me. Just before I was going to ask for a direction change I thought about it, in the thinking process my body and my mind created a slight opening which they proceeded to move into. Hmmm when we think about something anything it begins to take shape even if we are not quite ready for it causing a loss of communication with the Universe; the shift in perception can be lost and we may need to restart the communication process. Today I noticed they would pause as if asking are you ready? ~ Sherry, T.
Moving Into Grace: …so many dark / /shadow belief systems and other things showing up….stubborn. Moving into Grace! ~Shafin, Toronto
BIG realization: It hit me. I come from a place of fear. Never a place of possibilities. I’m always afraid of not measuring up so I put up walls. It’s that fear of failure or of not being enough. First day of the event and already a BIG realization. M. Toronto
I See That I Can Have It All! Things are really beginning to shift on the inside. I am beginning to really see that I can have it all. I am noticing lots of random nice deeds and people just looking at me with interest. I have come to realize a deeper inner gratitude for experiences. And I feel calm about the next chapter. Blessings to you Esther. Shafin
I Have Had All Of These Realizations And We Haven’t Even Officially Started The 31 Day Energy Event:
It hit me today. I don’t get any recognition at work.I didn’t get recognition from my family or my ex boyfriend. I need recognition and that need was driving my desire to be famous. When I didn’t get the recognition I was depressed, miserable, ballooned up to 220 lbs. I know now that the recognition needs to come from within, from me. With this awareness I now have the key to heal the little girl inside of me who didn’t get enough love and has no self worth. Esther you led me to this new discovery. All of these realizations and we haven’t even started the 31 Day Energy Event. I am on fire! ~ Toronto
First Day Of Program And I Had A BIG AHA! This morning I released that one of the many reasons
I seem to be struggling in school is that I am just going through the motions. ~Stefan
I Feel The Change: I can feel change in the air. In the midst of chaos I feel so much joy! Yay!!! ~Cheryl
I Realize I Am Fighting Myself: I realized today that I look at my name as soft, as a part of me that I am fighting. I am revisiting Shafin in a new light. ~Shafin
This Belief Is Not Mine and It Is Time To Let It Go: I inherited this feeling of lack of recognition
because of our race and it really comes from dad. I just realized that this was something passed down and that is not mine. It’s a belief that is time to let go. M.Toronto
I Have Been Rejecting Myself: I’ve realized that I’ve been living in fear. Afraid of rejection, what others think, of living, of not being believed and have become paralyzed and trapped in my life. Truth is I’ve rejected myself, victimized myself, abused myself and become fearful of myself, stopped trusting and believing in me. I’ve been hiding from myself, afraid of myself, to see myself and paralyzed myself. I’ve put thick walls up – my weight is an example of that wall that I’ve put up thinking it is protecting me when really it is keeping me a victim, trapped, stuck, hidden and wounded. The walls I’ve put up including my weight have done nothing for me not even protect me. If anything it has kept me from a fulfilling, rewarding, passionate life. Thinking I was protecting myself I was really keeping myself in victim mode. What I thought was protecting myself was really keeping me trapped and unhappy. Protecting myself just created loss in my life. Loss of everything life has to offer. I am ready to tear down the walls and also release the weight that is also a wall. C. Cambridge
I Am Free Of “Man” Energy: What a change in such a short time. For the first time in a long time (like for 50 years!!) I now feel emotionally totally free of “man” energy in my heart, the feeling of freedom, of no attachment, no pain or excitement, my heart expands and is content with just “being”. It is such an amazing realization and feeling, I am so excited in becoming my authentic self; so grateful for the work you are doing, thank you, and many blessings. B. Oakville
Realization: I Have Been Wanting To Get Validation In ANY Way Possible: Another Realization I never
acknowledged that I was successful because deep down I didn’t feel I met my dads expectations. I’ve been wanting to get validation in ANY way possible to fill the void. M. Toronto
I Have Moved Into My Heart: On the first day I felt a profound shift, I did not know at first what it was I just knew I felt calmer and more centered, all of these things that had left me feeling stressed and overwhelmed and I was struggling to figure out were just transformed into an intuitive knowing and trust. It took me until the next day to realize I had gone from my head to my heart, and then everything changed. Kelly, California
I Feel The Trust: I had the most awesome day today the flow of energy was joyful and inspiring. I put a saddle on my young horse for the first time and the feeling from her was I trust you and I know I’m in loving hands. I may be in that saddle by the end of this program that’s my intention and I release any doubts. Sherry, Ontario
I Am Excited For Possibilities: Just a quick note to let you know something awesome! We had a major house deal fall through at the last minute (which was of course brutally stressful and disappointing)….and timing dictated that it all came to an end on the evening of the 20th! Once I took some time to breathe and connect with the zero point energy I’m nothing but excited. Excited for possibilities, excited for a better opportunity to come along, excited to move forward! The best part…the “disappointing” process of losing the house deal pushed us forward into another opportunity to move our business to a fabulous location! Onward and upward! ~Ontario
Body Shifts: THANK YOU for sending this email yesterday about the effects of energy purges and upgrades on the body. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me, I’ve been exhausted! Now I get it. This is a good thing. I’m so grateful to be part of this event. ~Cheryl xo

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