A couple of weeks ago I recorded a video to help you get out of your head and into your heart.  (Click Here To Access The Video)

You responded with enthusiasm finding the exercise easy to implement into your day to day life and are already reaping the benefits of moving into heart based living.

There were also some people who wrote me telling me that they struggle with placing their attention and focus on their heart. They do not want to enter into their heart space.


Because in the heart they feel pain, hurt, sorrow and grief.

You wrote me saying your heart weeps. It’s not a comforting place.

Sweet being I understand. For decades I lived with what I called back then a wounded heart. Full of memories, events, emotions, situations and people that filled my heart with pain and tears.

Back then if someone would have told me to get into my heart and start thinking and living from that space I would have told them to go to H***.

I’ve created another video with the intention of creating some understanding and awareness regarding what might be happening if you are having trouble connecting with your heart.

In addition I offer some suggestions on how you can create a friendly space in your heart to live and play.

To happy and vibrating hearts my loves.

~Love, Esther


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