Visualization is a wonderful technique that can help you  release stress, manifest your desires and set the tone for your day. It can also adjust the vibration and feeling state of your being, which then in turn will begin to attract to you new experiences, situations, knowledge and people.

I engage in visualization every day starting from the moment I begin to stir early in the morning. I find it to be a practice that is calming  and inspiring to my Soul and aides in the self-love and self care I pamper myself  with. During the course of my day I often drift away in daydream visualizations to help me stay  on purpose, focused and centered. When chaos abounds, visualization helps me remember who I am and that I am in control of my life, not external sources.

While there are many books and CDs offering suggestions on how to engage in visualization, I believe the best  ones are self created. Having said that, we all need a starting point, so here’s a suggestion for a visualization that will help you to re-create your past and set forth a new energetic pattern within you.

At one time or another we have all had a situation or a memory that played on a loop in our mind. Typically it is an experience that we have labeled as bad or negative. Use this visualization to re-create that situation to your liking.

On an aside, isn’t it interesting that we don’t replay the positive experiences in our mind as much as we do those we deem negative?

Find a quiet comfortable space. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Begin to imagine that experience with the outcome you would have preferred. Design the memory with the end result that would have created a more positive situation for yourself.  What would you have said differently? How would you have liked people to respond? What is it that you wanted to see happen? Be the playwright and re-create the situation to your liking.

Here’s an example from my life. When I was in my early 20’s I became involved in a business venture that went bust. I felt I was scammed and taken advantage of to the tune of $23,000. For the longest time that experience held me in the grips of fear. I was paralyzed, unable to move forward in my entrepreneurial desires.

Now while I do believe that we learn and grow from every experience, especially the ones  we perceive as negative, I also knew that replaying that situation in my mind over and over again was not productive. So I began to imagine my experience with a different outcome. I visualized the parent company supporting me and helping me to build and grow my business. I imagined clients wow’d by the concept. I saw myself in my mind’s eye earning an income far beyond my expectation.

As I spent time re-designing this memory in my mind, a peace and ease flooded my being. I was able to release negative feelings and thoughts I had held from that situation. I unlocked the door to my caged in entrepreneurial spirit. I began to take steps foward into my new future. I was no longer held in the grip of fear.

The power of  the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and imagery we hold in the mind is strong. The universe responds to all of these and delivers back to us more of the same. The universe does not know the difference between imagination and what is happening in your life right now. You can continue to loop that old, hurtful memory or create a new one. One that will allow the universe to deliver to you more of what you want, rather then more of what you don’t want. A simple way to start is re-creating your past and setting in motion a new image in your mind.

Experiment with this visualization technique and notice what happens. Please leave  a comment with your findings. Be open to change in your Self and your future.

~Love, Esther~

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