October 19th Energy Update: Look out world here you come. Today under a Rare Mars, Pluto alignment in Capricorn you have the ability to achieve spectacular results or destroy everything in your path. And you get to choose.

Mars is the planet of active, drive and motivation. Capricorn influences leadership, ambition and responsibility. And Pluto amplifies whatever energies it is connected with. This Rare match up can push you off the fence if you have been dilly dallying about choosing a path. There may be some tension presenting as a result but that tension at some point has to release and could create the breakthrough that you have been seeking. Miracle!

More surprise, change, unexpected information, situations may rise up. The energy is strong and will come in surges.

You or others around you may take a strong stance in action, words and perspective.

This may block you with pride, arrogance and turning people off and away with your energy.

You can always choose to use the energy to fuel excitement, passion, focus and drive.

Achieve something great or wreck everything in your path.

Use the energy to bully, create a power struggle or ignite passion.

It’s explosive energy. Powerful energy. Use it consciously and wisely and you can achieve something great. Fall into the lower vibrations of the energetics and create snafus.

Here’s to achieving something spectacular, living your Truth, getting rid of something old in one fall swoop and revamping your life with something New and Exciting!!!

Love, Esther

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