Quantum Biology Guidelines For Working With Esther

August 2nd, 2021 I was introduce to the importance of living a circadian biology lifestyle. Living in relation to the cycle of the sun and the seasons.

I knew instantly, via a feeling of fire and heat running up and down my body, my personal signal of, Esther pay attention, that a circadian lifestyle was the next step for me on my journey of personal and spiritual growth.

I didn’t need studies and proofs to support what I was hearing, although there are plenty of studies and proofs, the eureka bells were going off within.

I started my new circadian lifestyle that day watching the sunset with my naked eyes.

It took me two days to get into the rhythm of the sun. It doesn’t take long to sync up.

It did take me two to three months to learn and implement the nuances of a circadian/quantum lifestyle ie: mitochondrial health, sunlight, seafood, cold thermogenesis, red light therapy, leptin, seasonal eating, grounding, salt water, sleep, emf and blu light protection etc ….

Two years later, I am diving even deeper into the material, understanding better what I learned at the beginning, and learning new information IE: We are designed to make LIGHT inside of our cells that is stronger than the sun. UVC Light. This is how we survive when there is no light. I’ll give you a hint as to one of the practices that helps us to make UVC light in our cells, cold therapy.

There is no life on earth without the SUN.

The SUN is our SOURCE of LIFE on earth.

We were designed to be addicted to the SUN. When sunlight gets into our naked eyes, it triggers a number of processes including releasing endorphins, feel good hormones, addicting us to the SUN and its EFFECTS so we keep looking up and reaching for more.

Our natural state is to be in sync with the SUN.

Dr. Jack Kruse neuroscientist and quantum biologist, has been my main teacher in the realm of circadian quantum biology. He makes good points about working with health and wellness practitioners who understand LIGHT. For instance, if you are working with a doctor allopathic or naturopath and the doctor does not ask you about your relationship to LIGHT both sun and non native light ie artificial blu light, Kruse suggests find a new doctor.

If you are working with an eye doctor and the doc does not speak to you about the importance of getting natural light into your eye, find a quantum opthamologist.

If you have sessions with any kind of holistic healer ie. chiropractor, reiki, massage, nutritionist etc… and they do not speak to you about the Light, Water, Magnetism, they only know part of the story of healing and it’s not the most important part, SUN LIGHT.

I agree with Dr. Jack.

Dr. Kruse doesn’t let us therapists off the hook. He makes a good, backed by science point asking, how can a person make long lasting, deep change if they are doing it under artificial light, surrounded by non native electromagnetic frequencies? If they are tech and light toxic?

I’ve taken what he says, + the info and data to heart. This is why I am writing these guidelines for my clients. Why I have spent months sharing information about circadian and quantum biology for free. The spiritual, energy, holistic community has missed this piece; circadian/quantum biology. I’m doing my part to rectify that error.

When you book a session with me, whether personal one on one inner work, a reading or join a class, I encourage you to:

-Spend as much time outdoors in the sun, barefoot on the earth pre and post session, irregardless of weather. This is your prep and integration routine.

-If you are able, spend time in a body of water, if it’s salted water ie. sea, it’s even better.

-When you are on your device engaging in a session, class, reading, meditation etc … you are losing electrons to blu light, artificial light and nnEMFs, non-native electromagnetic frequencies. Spend an equal amount of time outdoors connected with the earth, sun and nature regaining electrons, even on a cloudy, rainy, snowy or cold day. IE. 90 min session indoors on a device means 90 minutes minimum outdoors after session.
When humans lose electrons and have more protons in the body, our physical state becomes unbalanced or unstable.

Our job is to always be gathering electrons and we do this by living an outdoor life, barefoot on the ground, in water if you can. Gathering electrons through contact with the Earth’s magnetic field and creating your own electrons through movement.

-During the session do not charge your device while using it.

-If you can do the session in a space where natural LIGHT is available make it so. Sit outside on a deck; inside by an open window.

-From time to time I have had clients participate in sessions from their car. Refrain from this practice if you can. If this is the only option, open your windows or sunroof.

-Cover your skin while working on/with a device. You want sunlight in your naked eye and on your naked body as much as possible. And when indoors, cover your skin to keep blu light, artificial light off your body and away from your eyes.

-Cover your throat with a scarf or high collar shirt. Your thyroid sits just below the surface of your skin. In our current tech days, many people have thyroid issues because of blu light; nnemfs. Keep your neck covered especially if you have thyroid or hormone imbalances and to prevent them.

-I suggest turning your screen red during our session work and wearing blu or orange lens blockers. (click here for my favourites)

-Do not place your laptop on your lap. Put it on a desk or table as far away from you as possible, allowing for hearing.

-Do not place your phone on your belly or chest while we are in session. Keep it away from your body.

-After the session and at any time, make important decisions in the sunlight. SunLight is Energy is Information. Pure. Universal Light Codes of Information.

-Drink pure clean water. Spring water is ideal.

The guidelines put forth here are applicable to any time you spend on a device, in blu light, under artificial lights and nnEMF’s.

Love Esther

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Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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