Today I went to a new hair stylist for a cut. Please don’t tell the girl I usually go to. This move was crazy and came out of no where, but I know that it all makes sense in the grander scheme of things.

I love the girl who cuts my hair. She’s excellent. She is a trainer for a top international salon. She wins national awards. She is much sought after and she always gives me a fabulous cut.

So what happened that I abandoned ship?

My Soul happened. It whispered.

A week ago I was at an event and I bumped into a friend of a friend who I seem to bump into on a regular basis. Every time I see her I think to myself how fab her hair looks. This time I asked who her stylist was and she emailed me all of the information.

As I was in the midst of making  this simple enquiry I could feel that still small voice inside of myself coming forth to whisper. In no uncertain terms it told me that my next cut would by the hands of this man my friend recommended. I didn’t get any other information, just a persistent nudge to give him a call and make an appointment now rather then later.

I’ve learned to follow these Soul promptings, so today based on the whispers of my Soul, I sat in the styling chair of another. I kept myself open to learning what this new move was all about.

Pat (my new guy) is  polite, focused and a gentleman.  He has a calm and confident energy. Pat gave me one of the best haircuts I have ever had. The head massage I experienced when he shampooed my hair was first rate. It was a great experience. Beyond that I didn’t get any other AH HA’s regarding the switch up.

On the drive home, feeling extra fine and very giddy, I questioned my Soul as to the purpose of this adventure. My Soul told me that the answers will come in time and that it was pleased I followed its promptings. “Besides,” it whispered, “Change is good.”

I sense I know the why in this change of venue. The change is an important part of what I am creating  out in the quantum field and pulling into my reality. It is one of the pieces of my puzzle. (As an aside, my Soul just winked at me in agreement as I wrote this sensing.) Now I am really giddy with excitement. The pieces of the puzzle are lining up and falling into place.

~Love, Esther~







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