Preview Call: Star Seed Code Activation

Calling All Star Seeds It is Time to Activate Your Star Seed Code And Connect With Your Star System And Family
Listen To the Replay Of Our Preview Call
Answering The Question: What is A Star Seed?
During the call you will learn:
  • What is a Star Seed?
  • We talk about what is a Star Seed, lightworker and human.
  • What is the Star Seed mission in this lifetime?
  • Where do Star Seeds come from?
  • Receive clues as to whether or not you are a Star Seed.
  • Is everyone a Star Seed?
  • Details of the upcoming Star Seed Code Activation + Bonus Q&A on April 23rd.
  • Plus I ended the call with a number of Live Channeled Readings which brought forth even more information and Universal Wisdom. 

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