Earlier this week, Monday specifically, the collective underwent a deep purge of 3D energies.

Those who have been called to champion the Light; Light Warriors, Light Beacons, Grid Workers, Gate Keepers etc… purged from within themselves long held, old, outdated, limiting, dense energies  on behalf of the collective. Energies which had the collective locked down in the Illusion of 3D.

I wrote about it on Face Book to bring everyone up to speed with what they may be feeling and experiencing. Click on the blue link to access the post and comments. I have also pasted the post here —>

“Whenever there is a big shift on the Global Scene (could be anything from peace to disaster) Light Beacons, Light Warriors, Grid Keepers, Gate Keepers those in service to the LIGHT often move through an experience of deep purging within on the history, generation levels of the body and of the collective energies held within. It is part of our role and purpose on Earth at this time and something we agreed to a conduits of Change.

Over the last 16 hours SPECIFIC to Monday during the day eastern time…. this was a very specific wave…….

many of us have moved through what could be described as flu like symptoms. Aches and pains in the body. Digestion issues. Sleep disruption. Feeling uncomfortable and off. Perhaps you even questioned if you were coming down with illness although nothing in your recent experience points to being ill.

All is lifting now as we have been faithful in assisting in the release of heavy energies from the planet. Releasing outdated energies from our generational and history levels of the body. (past lives) Releasing as we connected with old paradigms infused in the collective and assisted in their dismantling thus creating a greater disengagement from 3D for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Now as we have moved through this short period of purging, we are being asked to ground into the NEW ENERGIES and then ground onto the PLANET allowing the energies to ripple throughout the Earth’s Grid connecting with all.

Thank you for your service.

So many great things happening on the lead up To Solstice.”

Once this purge was complete we experienced a Timeline Shift. A Global, Collective Timeline Shift.

When we experience significant change through new awarenesses, consciousness, release work, decisions, choices, in behaviors and patterns we move onto a new vibrational track, leaving our current course of life experience and moving onto a new path with new and more expansive potentials.

The collective shifts timelines when enough individuals experience a significant change which snowballs to a tipping point, creating great release and moves the collective onto a new and higher frequency track.

We experienced a shift just like that, this week,  hot on the heels of the 16 hour purge I mentioned above.

This week’s movement towards World Peace is definitely a part of this timeline shift but not all of it.  There are many pieces contributing to the shift including what you are doing in your individual life to raise your vibration and be in in service to the world. Universe is always working with us on many levels.

We underwent a purge which allowed us as collective to connect with and integrate higher frequencies and energy waves creating a timeline shift.

You may have felt, sensed, noticed this shift  on Tuesday and Wednesday in particular as feeling lighter, more enthusiastic about life, optimistic, hopeful, ready to get creating again if you have been in a pause. Some people may have felt ungrounded which resulted in feeling wobbly,  dropping items, feeling a bit dizzy, sleepy, I tend to break glasses during timeline shifts and yes I dropped a rather large water glass that shattered.


In addition often during timeline shifts, people, situations, opportunities which are now not frequency specific to the new vibrations, drop out of our lives. So perhaps you experienced a change of plans, the ending of a relationship business or personal. Someone called you and said oh sorry we changed our mind or you called someone and said oh I thought about it and I am going in another direction.  A former no became a yes or vise versa. As I tune into my readers I know that some of you had What the Heck moments this week. Eye opening moments.

I encourage you to be open and flexible, to change your mind, your beliefs, your thoughts, change directions, make new plans, switch focus based on what has happened this week within yourself and in the collective. As we anchor onto this new timeline that means CHANGE.

EVERYONE is invited to make this timeline jump whether they are conscious of it or not. And not everyone chooses to make the change. Some out of fear, worry, concern, find comfort in the discomfort of the status quo. Resistance is a good indicator that some part or aspect of you is not on board with the shift. This can be easily addressed through inner work. 

And some people may be in such great resistance that they miss this timeline jump but not to worry for if you are reading this post you shifted in a way personal to you, and if it is a loved one you are concerned about they will be offered another opportunity and another opportunity and another opportunity…

Purge ~ Timeline Shift ~ and now integration preparing us for Solstice happening June 21st.

Solstice wraps up the first half of the year, pulls everything together and places us on a new platform from which to step into the back half of the year.

More and more people are integrating with 5D, which is a consciousness, a consciousness of love, forgiveness, compassion, oneness and being present in the moment.

The  June 21st Solstice Gate-Way is open and the energies are doing tremendous prep work with each of us and the world at large to anchor us in the highest vibrations possible so that we move into the second half of the year in the swing of high vibe change.

Remember 2018 is an 11 year and in numerology 11 is a significant spiritual number which vibrationally ripples across the planet assisting us in our spiritual awakening and illumination. The energy is assisting us in expanding into living as Divine in human body and living in the Present rather then in the future or the past.


Right now pre-Solstice we are are being adjusted individually and collectively to our next level earth experience according to our journey over the last six months.

And then on Solstice, when the out pouring of New Light, New Codes, New Frequencies, New Consciousness drenches the planet, the energies will once again update and upgrade our DNA, our mind, body and energy fields placing us in a whole new space to receive. The prep work is underway and what has transpired this week is a big part of it.

On June 21st when we gather for the Energy Transmission Event we will work with Solstice energy to further integrate all of our changes, set us on a new platform from which we will quickly and easily step off of as we launch into the next half of the year. During the transmission we will engage in Light Body and Chakra work in a way I have not facilitated in a group setting before. Our Light Body and Chakras key in our Ascension Journey and living as Light in human form. I also look forward to see what-else I am guided to facilitate during the session to support our next steps.  Please join me and let’s Celebrate Solstice together in energy transmission, steeped in the energy of Pure Divine Love.  Sign Up and Learn More Click Here.

We have gathered on Earth as Light Beings for such a time as this.

~Love, Esther 

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