Pokemon Go. Many people have been asking me my opinion about this phenomena and to be honest while I saw loads of posts on Face Book about it, I had no clue what it was all about. Then I read an article on how Pokemon Go is helping businesses. And I read posts on how it’s bringing families together. I read an article on how people are cheating as they play the game. Oi vey!

Hey while I love anything that brings families together, I see Pokemon Go as just another manufactured situation to keep the masses in a state of distraction. Just like the powers in charge? formerly in charge? on their way out? used the Kardashians to distract and any number of movie stars and music artists to distract, Pokemon Go is another means of distraction.

When these distraction tactics show up in the collective I always start to become aware of what is happening in the background that governments, countries, companies don’t want us to know. Perhaps a controversial law is being passed or an assembly of leaders is gathering, or something catastrophic is happening in the world and leaders don’t want us to pay attention.

Just like we give a dog a chew toy or a bone to distract. Place children in front of a TV or computer screen, give them a toy or a book to distract, the powers that are crumbling distract us through pop culture and phenomena like Pokemon Go. So yes enjoy the game. Have fun with your family. No need to be ba hum bug about it all. Just consider, consider for a moment from your heart’s space… is there another layer to this experience? Am I being diverted from something? What might the current leaders who are losing their power and grip quickly, scrambling for self preservation not want me to know?

For your consideration.

~Love, Esther

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