On April 22nd Pluto turns retrograde until the end of September in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto joins Saturn which turned retrograde a couple of day ago and Jupiter already in retro motion.

Anytime a planet readies to turn direct or retrograde we feel it on earth as a slow down, like we are plodding through mud. Remember the heaviness many of us felt mid week when Saturn turned retro? You may feel something similar again this weekend, although that midweek heaviness had some spiritual warfare battle energy attached to it.

So how might this period of Pluto retrograde show up in our lives?

Pluto is the planet that holds the energy of turning within and looking at that which has been hidden and buried away. It moves us to face the shadows. Acknowledge the past. Our dark sides. Those cringe moments and situations that we would rather not remember. The horror from this past life and others. That which we have closed off in a cave, put a lid on and locked up.

Pluto does this not to make us feel uncomfortable or to admonish, but rather to help FREE us from the burdens the heaviness held within. To shine a LIGHT in the dark and FREE ourselves from that which has been buried away.

And as a result we regenerate and renew from the inside out.

It is always an inside job with PLUTO.

During the next five months not only will Pluto be urging us to face what has been buried and hidden away, but also to get clear on core values, beliefs and desires. What really matters to you and are you living your life on the foundation of those core elements?

What gives you POWER?
Is it knowing your true self?
Being the Light Love you are?
Do you rely on material possessions, titles and accolades to give you power?
Or does your power come from serving others?
Living your very best life each day according to where you are in your process and vibration?

This is a five month period of accelerated personal growth and change from within IF you follow through on Pluto’s nudges and leadings.

There are other influences involved in this transit.
Pluto retros in the sign of Capricorn which strengthens the focus on inner power.
Saturn in retrograde will assist each of us with taking our learnings, growth, new choices and building a solid platform for long lasting results.
And Jupiter is ready to shower blessings, opportunities, good fortune, abundance upon those who take advantage of what Pluto is offering.

Most likely if you are on a conscious journey of ascension meaning with intention and focus, purpose you have been feeling the built up to this cosmic event. Feeling the pull to set aside time and get real with yourself. Do some soul searching regarding what really matters to you, what is important, what was once important but now holding greater consciousness you see is not important at all. You likely have been feeling the need to set aside time and turn within asking yourself if ____ is no longer my path of intent what is? And that is what Pluto will help you to explore over the next months if you are willing.

Love, Esther

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