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As previously discussed, October 10/11 Pluto is stationing to turn direct in the sign of Capricorn. It’s been traveling in Capricorn since 2008, dipped out into Aquarius this past spring, moved back into Capricorn in June and will transit there until it moves into Aquarius again in January.

Building on what was already discussed, let dive deeper and look at Pluto’s influence on the world scene.

Back in 2008, Pluto started it’s transit of Capricorn. That is the sign of systems and structures, building, manifesting, creation, strong foundation, taking down old structures and ways that no longer work, ambition, drive; get it done energy.

One of the areas Pluto is in charge of is the seedy, underbelly of life and our subconscious where limitations and shadow lurks.

During its transit of Capricorn, since 2008, Pluto has been working with us individually and also collectively to purge out old ways, structures, ideologies, perspectives, beliefs, lies, fables, half truths, shadow, evil etc ….

When Pluto fully moves into Aquarius our structures will be NEW.

We can see it playing out on the world scene.

Can you see how it is playing out in your life?

The important piece … IS the NEW uplifting, supportive, positive, expansive, higher vibration etc., or is the NEW a repackaged version of the old for modern times?

You will decide this for yourself in your personal life which will impact the collective.

Often when a foundation is created on sandy ground, fear, worry, concern, shoddy work, cheap supplies, limiting beliefs, running away from something rather then expanding towards something, the foundation is not solid.

Eventually it rots away. We see this happening in our lives and on the world scene.

Based on what Pluto has revealed to us since 2008, individually and collectively, it is important we rebuild on a strong foundation. Get rid of the rot.

As Pluto turns direct today, it’s giving us another chance over the next two and a half months, to re-examine our structures internally and externally, and make changes before it moves into Aquarius for a longer stint. Tying up loose ends and addressing any unfinished business.

When Pluto is more firmly establish in Aquarius, the Aquarian energy will push humanity to progress. To find unity. Pushing us to progress as a whole society. Focus on what matters most. And what we purge during Pluto Capricorn, what structures crumble, what new foundations are established, matters.

Interesting to note, when Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 we had one of the worst financial disasters ever world wide. That disaster started flushing out what is wrong with our current financial system.

You can learn more about Pluto Direct, Venus in Virgo, and the upcoming Solar Eclipse In Libra October 14th +++++

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