I learn from my clients. It’s one of the many reasons I love what I do. As I am guiding people through their processes I learn from them as they gain their own personal insights and realizations.

During a recent past life regression session my client realized that the seeds of desire she planted in the past life we accessed were not meant to come to fruition in that lifetime. She understood clearly that those seeds of desire are meant to be realized in this lifetime. It was a profound piece of information and insight that she gleaned from her past life work and as she was letting the understanding soak in, I too was moved by her awareness.

We often run to past lives to see if we can change and shift things that are contributing to issues and discomforts we are experiencing in our current life. Rarely do we stop to consider that some of the blessings and opportunities that come our way in this life might be the result of something we set in motion during a past life.

After our session ended I continued to sit with my client’s insight and realized that her knowing applied not only to her life but to all of us. And I find it encouraging.

Now when unexpected opportunities and experiences come my way I will wonder, “Is this something that I set in motion in this lifetime or is it something that I set in motion years and lifetimes ago?” 

I also find this insight encouraging because in some strange way it helps ease the pressure to accomplish. As I engage in the creation and design of my life there are things that may be left undone when I transition and pass on. Now I sit in the knowing that it doesn’t mean my desires won’t ever be.

The seeds I plant today may be meant for me in a future life.

~Love, Esther

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