January 8th Energy Update: Mercury stations and turns direct + ALL PLANETS ARE MOVING FORWARD. What does this mean for you? Over the next couple of weeks communication and tech issues will begin to smooth out. On the day that any planet stations the energies can be slow and a bit muddied. Don’t be surprised if you feel a slow down in your life or the need to just rest and lay about. The Moon is also void of course for much of the day making it challenging to get anything done.
By Monday Mercury will be full on direct and while we will still be in the shadow of MR you can start implementing everything that you learned during this most recent retrograde phase. For much of this period Mercury was retrograde in Capricorn the sign of ambition, responsibility, maturity, structure, organization and tradition. Those are the areas that you most likely had an a ha particularly in the area of tradition.
If you recall I wrote yesterday and about mid December posts saying it is time for us to take tradition and evolve it into something new. Perhaps that traditional way of doing things needs to be ditched because it does not fit 5D New Earth Energies or maybe take what is tried and true and add new innovation, new ideas, new perspective to it to create something… well New.
 Also and here is the really BIG AND GRAND NEWS, all planets in our solar system are now moving Direct. This always bodes well for us on Earth. As the planets move together in harmony, flow, with intention, purpose, stirring up creativity, showing drive and determination we feel and experience all of that ourselves individually and collectively. The Ancients saw this time as a period of abundance and good fortune. All planets will be moving direct for a whole month until February 6th when Jupiter turns retrograde so make good use of the energy.
~Love, Esther
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