Live An Extraordinary Miracle Filled Life, manifesting your wishes and dreams whether long forgotten and placed aside or new dreams birthed out of wonder, curiosity and desire.

This is YOUR TIME to design and create a life that excites and fulfills you. A life of joy, love, fun, adventure, creativity, abundance, prosperity and well being. Living the life You imagine and daydream about. A life that nourishes your Soul and excites your human self.

Let’s create this life together, you and I. Manifesting and living dreams and wishes, breaking free of limitation, raising your vibration, aligning with your desires and turning your dreams into reality.

What Dream are you ready to live and experience? ~ Love, Esther

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Rare White Peacock, Symbol of Purity and The Divine

Rare White Peacock, Symbol of Purity and The Divine

A rare white peacock strutting its stuff. Today when I asked God to show me something beautiful this is what I received. Beauty and Symbolism. White peacocks are rare. Did you know that they sparkle because there are small crystals on the feathers? As animal totems...

Is Life Even Worth Living Anymore?

Is Life Even Worth Living Anymore?

In this video I address a question that has been posed to me a number of times over the last weeks. If you have been thinking and or asking the same thing I trust this information helps. Also please share the video with anyone who you feel would benefit from the...

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