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Discover and Explore the Mystery and Energy of the Bosnian Pyramids.
A Sacred Spirit Journey.

September 29th to October 8th, 2019

Finding Your Way, The Truth of Who You Are Walking The El Camino
June 7 to 16, 2019

A Soulful and Mystical Healing Sacred Spirit Journey

Merkaba Activation
Mer=Light  Ka=Spirit

Activate Your Personal Merkaba

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Mysterious Waves Ripple Across The Globe 11-11 ~ Great Awakening?

On 11-11 of 2018 what is being referred to as mysterious seismic waves, rippled across the globe. No one felt them but an earthquake enthusiastic noticed the energy roll and posted his finding on twitter. The posts went viral.  As soon as I heard about it  I linked an...

11:11:11 Energy Update: Claiming Sovereignty Over Mind and Body

11-11-11 Energy Update: Several times throughout the year Universal Portals open up in the Cosmos ushering in a blast of New Light, New Consciousness, Ascension Codes and higher vibrations. The rush of Ascension energies during these Gate-Way openings assist us in raising our vibration and frequency and Clearly pointing out what is dragging us down.

Why Did You Come To Earth? To Have A Job?

I’m fairly certain that no Being of Light, including you, looked down on Earth and said: Oh I want to go back to Earth find a job and work. That is my purpose.

We come to Earth and take on a physical body to have experiences that we cannot have elsewhere. Touching, feeling, eating, seeing, hearing; sensing. Continue to read…

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