Live An Extraordinary Miracle Filled Life, manifesting your wishes and dreams whether long forgotten and placed aside or new dreams birthed out of wonder, curiosity and desire.

This is YOUR TIME to design and create a life that excites and fulfills you. A life of joy, love, fun, adventure, creativity, abundance, prosperity and well being. Living the life You imagine and daydream about. A life that nourishes your Soul and excites your human self.

Let’s create this life together, you and I. Manifesting and living dreams and wishes, breaking free of limitation, raising your vibration, aligning with your desires and turning your dreams into reality.

What Dream are you ready to live and experience? ~ Love, Esther

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3 Steps to changing a Pattern or Behavior

3 Steps to changing a Pattern or Behavior

I start with a personal story of how I recently changed a behavior. It helps to hear this story to apply the three steps. If you don't have the time skip to the 10 min mark. Also the last two minutes are gold ✨ More Ways to Work With and Connect with Esther: ✨Personal...

Money Abundance Ritual /  New Years Eve / #Manifest

Money Abundance Ritual / New Years Eve / #Manifest

New Years Even Money Abundance Ritual. You can also start this ritual anytime of the year. Quick and easy to get into vibration with money. Love, Esther Bio: Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. Avid...

New Year Hustle? Not This Year …

New Year Hustle? Not This Year …

New Year Hustle? Not this year .... When the calendar flips to a new year some people bolt out of the gate in action mode creating, moving and shaking things up. Some people take time to journal, reflect, make a plan, visualize and then take action. Others go on a new...

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