We wrap up 2021 with an Eclipse Season and first up is a long partial Eclipse Happening on November 19th in the Sign of Taurus at 6:02 am Universal. 4:02 am is the maximum effect of the eclipse in Toronto.

This season I am not hosting an eclipse event because I’ve been guided to focus on The Story of Light and helping people continue to clear their limiting beliefs, but that does not mean the eclipse energies are not important. They are!

Eclipse energies are powerful influences pouring out of the cosmos to shake us awake. The energies are felt intensely for 90 days following an eclipse and up to six months before the next eclipse happens.

During eclipse season anything can happen. Big Breakthroughs, Shocking Pleasant Events; Rude Awakenings. Everything working together to assist us in our evolution of consciousness, living and being.

This morning when I woke up to watch the sunrise, the message I received was to sit down and write an eclipse update to help you prepare for and receive the energies. The information below is what came through for sharing.

Just so you know my process as an energy reader, I researched the aspects of this partial lunar eclipse and then I sat with the information and allowed the information to come forth.

This eclipse relates to the eclipse of November 2002. A cycle may be completing for you. What presented back then might be showing up again because you ignored it and something, a pattern, belief, ideology, situation Needs addressing.

Think back to November 2002 what was happening in your life? Where are you now on that situation? Is something coming to a close? Leveling up? Showing up again because last go around it was dismissed?

Take time for reflection because any awareness will point you to a possible theme of the lunar eclipse for you.

Back at the end of 2002, a job I had and counted on for financial security was ending. I was in a state of panic and fretting about the situation. BUT at the same time I received a new job offer from two gentlemen who recognized my skills and talent as a speaker, promoter; as ambassador.

I called them up and said remember me? They said of course. I said, you told me to call you if something changed with my work and something has. They hired me within days.

RECOGNITION was a theme for me. I was recognized for what I had to offer.

Recognition may be a theme for me this upcoming eclipse.

See how that works?

It could also be a major switch in career. Who knows I am open to possibilities.

So on the lead up to the eclipse take some time to ponder the 2002 eclipse connection.

Also as a bit of extra information, the eclipse is happening in Taurus which means generally for everyone Taurian themes will be showing up.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign so we are looking at changes around Earth, Climate etc. There may be more announcements on the world scene in regards to these issues. Perhaps earthquakes?

Taurus is also about money, finances; economy. Issues of safety and security. All of those issues are very up and present in our current age.

And Taurus rules luxury; material goods. We already see and know items, food, basic necessities are becoming scarce, store shelves in some countries are empty. Will Christmas be bare this year? Will the container ships full of goods finally unload? The Eclipse energies may shake things up.

With any cosmic event there exists the high manifestations and possibilities and the lower manifestations and possibilities. Align with the higher by clearing away limiting beliefs and energies like fear and worry. Raise your vibration, use your vibe up tools and now I will add start changing your relationship to the Sun.

I’m working on another manifesting video to support the Future Self Manifesting Process currently underway.

This past week I had the pleasure to work with two amazing ladies who made contact with their future self living the dream and now have a blueprint of information in hand to pull that vision of their desired futured into their reality.

The offer expires December 5th. Links to details and sign up are below.

Here’s the link to read more about Manifesting With Your
Future Self and To Sign Up Now.

LINK: https://whispersfromthesoul.com/future-self-process

If you have any questions about this process reach out to ask.

~ Love Esther 

Here’s where you can find me: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

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