We are heading into March and astrologically it feels to me that the first eight days will be excellent energetically for enhancing your personal spiritual practice and for initiating action and progress on the changes you want to live and experience in your life.

There are two dates I would like you to note.

First March 2nd we have a LOVELY new moon in the sign of Pisces at 12:35 pm eastern time. New Moons offer supportive energies for starting something new and this new moon is focused on Piscean themes such as spirituality, creativity, flow, dreaming your wishes into reality. It’s also good energy to change Piscean shadow themes like lack of commitment, being wishy washy, victim mentality, being aimless without focus or interest.

What I LOVE about this new moon is that both the moon and sun are in harmony with JUPITER which is the planet of expansion, good luck, fortune; lucky breaks.

Plus there is a BIG energy influence under this new moon sky to dive deep into something that interests you whether it is an area of study, self improvement, Change, travel, health practices; perhaps creating greater financial wealth.

At the same time there is an vibrant and highly positive line up of Venus, Mars and Pluto which is helping you to transform relationships and money matters.

March 2nd NEW MOON is the energy that helps you to transform your dreams, what you conjure in your imagination into reality.

And while the new moon beams are still in effect, on March 5th we have a stellar day for new beginnings, business success and optimism.

That’s also the start date of the Align and Vibe with Greater Financial Wealth Program I am hosting. Guiding you into alignment with financial wealth so you can attract more money and $$$ opportunities into your life. Doing the foundational energy and mindset work.

A few weeks back I made a video about the energetics of March 5th. It’s time to review that information because whatever you choose to create and start NEW, this is an amazing week energetically to take action and set things into motion. Here’s the link to the video. It is chalked full of interesting information on why March 5th is a good day to initiate a new CREATION and/or to beef up the CREATION you already have in motion.

While you watch the video I’m positive that the information and the vibration will get you pumped up and ready to GO! That’s why I am sending out this post today Monday, so that you can ready for NEW, CHANGE and ACTION. And get signed up for the Align and Vibe with Financial Wealth Program that starts on Saturday.

Even though there is lots of noise in the world, life does not stop. You are in charge of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, choices, actions, perspectives; what you focus on. You get to consciously create your life, and the life you choose to create WILL affect the whole; the collective.

If you manifest more money … then worrying about rising gas, food and housing prices diminishes. You don’t have to worry about bank accounts being frozen or atm machines running out of cash because you have plenty of money funnels and assets.

You will have access to the best and proper care, information and resources. You will be able to help others. To act on your ideas and intuitive impulses. And help to shape a world where Freedom is not a dirty word, it’s a foundational platform.

I invite you to Join Me.

🌟 Align and Vibe with Financial Wealth
40 Day Program, 8 Modules, Private Session Options:
Starts March 5, 2022:

Details and Sign Up:

I encourage you to sign up now rather then wait for the last minute. Get set up and ready to go so that on Day One when you receive the first teaching and activity you are ready.

If you have any questions about the program please reach out and ask.

Make the most of these energies!!!

~ Love Esther

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