Is it just me or does the idea of setting a New Years Resolution seem old fashion to you? After all it’s 2011 and New Years Resolutions date all the way back to 153 BC, when Janus, a mythical King of early Rome was placed at the head of the calendar.

I believe in goals. I believe in setting intentions. But New Years Resolutions..sigh. I’ve seen too many people set them (myself included) and despite all the good advice on how to stick to them, end up throwing them by the wayside and slipping into discouragement.

Last year I bucked the New Years Resolution and decided that I would celebrate every achievement in my life, big or small with champagne. I stuck to it and it was easy.

As I began to acknowledge all the wonderful things happening in my life, big and small, the achievements and celebrations kept coming. I vowed to always have champagne or some kind of bubbly in my refrigerator ready to go. I kept that vow.

In fact there are two bottles chilling right now as I write this post.

Eight days ago while in a meditation, The Tribunal popped in with a mantra for me. That mantra is “I can do this.” They told me that this year to hold that mantra firmly in my mind. To allow it to soak into my subconscious. To repeat and affirm it several times a day. That this mantra would carry me forward to greater success in 2011.

Of course I questioned them. I asked The Tribunal why not, “I can do it or simply I can?”

They chuckled and said it was important to use the mantra “I Can Do This.” They said that when  I repeat this mantra it will be focused on whatever is presented to me in the moment. Thus ensuring that I don’t get bogged down by the big picture and instead take things step by step.

Over the last eight days I began using this mantra and I love it. Many times, several times during the day when faced with something I didn’t want to do or was unsure of, the mantra helped me through to success. Pass the champagne please.

And so this year 2011, an important year for all of us, I choose to dump the new years resolutions and jump into a new years mantra. How about you?


~Love, Esther

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