New Moon Wishes and Dreams Come True Event
January 19 – 26, 2020

New Moon Live Event, Wishes and Dreams Come True                           Manifesting, Rituals and Personal Ceremony
Hosted by Esther Bartkiw

Special New Year, New Decade Pricing $35 US

What Wishes and Dreams Do You Want to LIVE in the next Six Months,             Year and Decade?

What NEW do you want to attract in your life?

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw and I personally invite and welcome you to an amazing eight day event of Crafting, Seeding, Nourishing, Blessing and Setting Into Motion Your Wishes and Dreams for tangible manifestation.

Eight Days of Law of Attraction principles, dynamic rituals and personal ceremony, vibrational alignment strategies and techniques.

PLUS together we will

Harness the Energies and Power of the First New Moon of 2020 to Consciously and Deliberately Create your Wishes and Dreams for the next six months, one year and decade.

New Moon Wishes and Dreams Come True Event
Happening January 19th to January 26, 2020.

Who Is This New Moon Wishes and Dreams Come True Event For?

  • For anyone thinking YES this is the year, the decade, the time to make my dreams and wishes come true.
  • For those who have both short and long terms goals they want to achieve.
  • For anyone who struggles with conscious creation making it harder then it is.
  • For people just starting to wake up to the awareness that Yes your wishes and dreams can be your reality.
  • For those who understand the power of setting intentions and nourishing them under New Moon Energy Sky.
  • For anyone who wants new experiences in their life.
  • For those who seek a New Beginning; Fresh Start.
  • For anyone who has wishes and dreams they want to turn into tangible experiences.
  • For those who want to enjoy a simple, fun, step by step process of manifesting with the New Moon. A New Year, New Decade Manifesting Ritual.

Enroll now! Class starts January 19th.

What new experiences do you want in your life?

What short and long term goals do you want to achieve?

What change do you want to create in your life?

What new reality do you want to live?

What NEW do you want to attract into your life?

What Is Possible When You Participate In This New Moon Wishes and Dreams Come True Event?

Personal Note From Esther:

I believe that every person can experience their Wishes and Dreams Come True.

The Key is are you in alignment with your wishes and dreams so you can receive them?

Alignment in vibration to your wishes and dreams is determined by your thoughts, feelings emotions; your focus.

Your alignment to your True Self; To Source Energy.

We start with a Desire. A Wish. A Dream. Something we do all of the time, wish and dream.

Add into the mix a New Moon which offers the right and perfect frequencies to plant your Wishes and Dreams for Manifestation.

And then begin to align; get into receiving mode.

We are going to set all of the above into motion during the eight day New Moon Dreams and Wishes Come True Event. Please join me!

All You Need Is…

  • A list of your wishes and dreams for the next six months, one year and decade.
  • Short and long term dreams.
  • Your smart phone with the WhatsApp app loaded and ready to go for videos and group sharing.
  • Email to receive daily New Moon Ritual Instructions.
  • A Desire To Make 2020 and this next Decade the best ever. Living the Life You Want and Deserve. Living Your Wishes and Dreams

And the best part? I’ve been inspired to make this New Moon Wishes and Dreams Come True Event so darn accessible because I believe Wishes and Dreams even our wildest Wishes and Dreams can come true and I want to support YOU in the creation of those Dreams.

This 8 Day On Line Event With Daily interaction is only $35

So Beautiful Soul, let’s set your Wishes and Dreams for 2020 and Beyond …

And nourish them to Manifestation as a Tangible Experience in your Life.

$35.00 Add to cart

Important: When you sign up, check your email for a link to add your name to the program list and receive your Welcome Letter.

Love, Esther

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