August 2nd Energy Update: There is so much to love about everyday and today especially the potential for shift and movement is high!
First Mars moves out of the sign of Scorpio into Sagittarius until the end of September. This is going to push your wanderlust forward. Your Soul Essence and human self seek adventure, action, the new and exotic. Consider coming with me to Iceland for A Sacred Spirit Adventure.  Fun, exploration, new + inner work and healing. Hunt for the Northern Lights and connect with eleven and viking energies. I can feel your Soul stir… this is the phase we are heading into. Be passport ready! The energy is strong and carries with it wisdom, truth and the understanding that denying your Soul promptings only creates discomfort.
It’s also New Moon today at 4:44 pm Eastern Time, 11:44 pm EEST and in the early hours of the 3rd in many other parts of the world. The New Moon is in the sign of Leo which holds characteristics of courage, heart, showmanship, being in the spotlight, expression of gifts, talents and abilities. The Moon energy gives us a fresh start in all areas of our lives especially in the aspects highlighted above. Let your Light shine. Show the world your talents. Artists let people read your words, gaze upon your art; hear your music.
Whatever seeds of intention for NEW you plant today will begin to sprout up in your experience in about six months. Of course they can sprout up tomorrow anything is possible, and think ahead to February 2017 what would you like to show up in your life at that time? How do you see yourself, your life; the world presenting? Plant those seeds and water them as required. Beautiful La Luna, although dark during new moon period, is ready to assist.
It’s also is a great day to start something NEW. A new health regime, new attitude, new job; new project. What idea has been brewing over the last weeks? Take steps today to implement and you will find that the idea is well rooted in fertile energy.
A lovely day at hand! Make the most of the energies. And know Universe loves you. You are love. You are light!
~Love, Esther

Experience the Mystical and Potent Energies of Iceland. Sacred Spirit Journey with me Esther as your Host. November 10-16th. Click Here for details.


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