Happy New Moon Energy Report: This month’s new moon in the sign of warrior Aries happens for most of the world early in the day on March 28th and in the America’s May 27th at 10:57 pm Eastern time.
It is an ultimate fresh start rooted in the new energies, awarenesses and ideas which have sprouted up as a result of our recent Eclipse season, Equinox, last week’s MAJOR download, upload and shift and of course Venus Retrograde which continues to be a powerful influence in our lives.
Because Venus Retrograde is still in motion and carries strong energy the themes of Venus are activated with this New Moon particularly relationships, values and beauty but also creativity and finances. Just as a recap in retrograde Venus is asking us to review what we love and who we love. What we value and who we value. I urge to take the time to really make this self evaluation rather then gloss over it. Grab your journal and start writing rather then making a list in your head while distracted in front of the computer, TV or while you are driving. This is a very important exercise that will help you to get CLEAR on what kind of life you really want, what would bring you joy and sense of fulfillment.
For instance I value getting up in the morning at a time that my body chooses, easing into my day without alarms, schedules or rushing around. Taking the time for Self Care, morning fueling and then sitting at my computer to see what happened overnight and who requires help and assistance. Long ago I abandoned the routine of waking up with an alarm at some ungodly hour, rushing around, battling traffic only to arrive at an unfulfilling job, tired, frustrated and exhausted. I value an ease into my day. And that is just one thing I love and value. Get specific and clear. What people, work, hobbies, tasks, duties, responsibilities, conditions and situations do you love and value and don’t?
This New Moon as we set new intentions to seed for fruition six months from now, will likely have a relationship focus. Perhaps it is the most important relationship the one you have with yourself and it could be regarding any number of other kinds of relationships. We have and are continuing to get in touch with our deepest desires. And for the first time following this Major Eclipse Season and energy shifts many are actually feeling Yes it is possible.
 As you seed your New Moon Intentions in this Yes it is possible attitude, Aries sweeps in with its special brand of energy fueling courage, decision, action, an entrepreneurial spirit and a whole heck of alot of sexual energy to support.
One last piece Mars and Neptune are hanging out this week boosting creation, love, kindness, manifestation and intuition. This influence is about subtle energies. When I think of subtle energy I think of tai chi the slow, precise, soft movements with a power of focus and attention behind it. Maybe for some yoga practice is a soft energy, a hug for me a soft energy healing. Engage more in those practices.
Happy New Moon to you!
~Love, Esther

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