On 11-11 of 2018 what is being referred to as mysterious seismic waves, rippled across the globe. No one felt them but an earthquake enthusiastic noticed the energy roll and posted his finding on twitter. The posts went viral.  As soon as I heard about it  I linked an article by National Geographic about the occurrence on my Face-book page. Then I sat in meditation to gleam information about what happened and its significance. I wrote a newsletter  outlining what I received and posted it on my Face Book  page as well. But that was not enough. I am so intrigued by this wave of energy I had to dig deeper and many others have felt the same. Why? Because it is becoming clear that this energy roll is uber important to our Great Awakening and taking back control of our lives and planet.

What I am about to share is based on the downloads of information I am receiving from Divine, plus research of what others are discovering and theorizing. Heart + Mind. Intuition + Research. Keep in mind all are theories and possibilities. As you read through the information notice how your body responds. Do you get a ding, ding, ding? I encourage you to also do your own research and see what you come up with and then fill me in. We all have a piece to share.

Since my newsletter on December 2nd talking about the mysterious waves, new developments and information have surfaced. Qanon, Anons, science, energy, geologist, phenomena enthusiasts, illusion busters have gone digging to find out more. If you follow Qanon material, Q posted that the waves around the world were created because the White Hats took out a Cabal (black hats) satellite that was emitting a frequency that was suppressing humanity. At the same time the White Hats activated some type of technology to unify humanity and neutralize and harmonize the harmful tech being use on us.

We know Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, Dark Force whatever you want to call them pulls out all stops to keep humanity locked into the matrix where they rule in power and with greed. They do not want us to wake up and catch on to their ways, plans and purpose. They fear us awakening and empowering ourselves, knowing who we truly be as Divine. They want to keep us a slave race, sick, hungry, broke, discouraged, hopeless, agitated and full of fear. They hate that we ARE waking up. It threatens their position,  current power and service to the dark force they answer to. They are shaking because of the right now they are being exposed and dismantled like never before in world history.

We have come to know that the waves of Light which splay the planet from the Galactic Core of our Universe, through the Great Central Sun are teeming with higher consciousness, new light codes, higher frequencies to raise our vibration, create greater consciousness and help us to break through the matrix. To bust the illusion we have been trapped in for eons. The Cabal does everything possible to stop the waves of Light from reaching us in their fullest expression. They create EMF technology (electric magnetic frequency) to fool with our chakras, brain, DNA, mind, body and energy field. Chem trails to cloud the sky and buffer the Light. We are learning about aerosol spraying happening in buildings, where crowds gather; in the atmosphere. The Cabal want to suppress our DNA, agitate us, keep us in slumber plugged into the hive mind. The Cabal creates fear around sun exposure and advocates sun block which does what? blocks the sun rays from penetrating our skin.  Plus so much more. They are determined and desperate to stop the Ascension Light and energy waves from reaching the Earth and all that grows and roams upon it, including you and I. (Please note that yes of course use a natural sun screen on your body to prevent damage during long periods of  sun exposure, and also spend a few minutes each day in the sun without sunscreen to receive the rays into your skin).

Do the rays of Ascension Light and energies still reach us? Yes they do but they are buffered by the chemical soup and technology being used against us. This is why I spend so much time working with the cosmic energies,  and working with you to harness these energies for the good of all.

So it makes sense that the Cabal put into a place a technology via satellite, emitting a sound wave perhaps, to suppress humanity, (think Cern +++), as we are in the midst of the Great Awakening. And 11-11 of this year was a timely, energetically and spiritually significant day for the White Hats to neutralize that technology, to help humanity while sending a message to Cabal that their days are numbered.

This step by the White Hats allows the beams of Light coming from the Cosmos to reach us with greater potency for further conscious awakening and  transformation personally and as collective. Thus since 11-11 what I perceive and wrote about earlier, is that these beams of Light are anchoring into the Earth and our our mind, body and energy field with greater efficiency and strength then before. The mysterious ripple? From my perspective most likely created by the dismantling of the Cabal tech, implementation of a new supportive system and the Light from the Cosmos plunging into the Earth’s Grid.

Praise God — It’s Happening. We are living in exciting times on Planet Earth. Each of us are fortunate to be here right now living and participating in the Great Awakening. We all have a role to play. I encourage you to be faithful to your role.

If this topic creates interest, do your own research see what you find. Plus don’t forget to include your intuitive hits and heart’s knowing. Heart + Mind.

Love, Esther

During my research I came across interesting material from the following sources and would like to both honour and credit them for their work and role.

You Are Free TV on You Tube.      Sciencenews.org      @thesharpedge1 Twitter  @melis-strategic Twitter   Jordan_Sather_ Twitter

All of the Anons on the chan boards, and particularly the Navy Anon who wrote the post below.

Thank you for all the digging and piecing together you do Anons.














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