Activating Your Personal Merkaba

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What is a Merkaba?

Merkaba is a Hebrew word meaning,   Mer= Light    Ka=Spirit    Ba = Body

It is pure Divine Energy that spins around you encompassing your body and space beyond your auric field.

Your own unique Merkaba when in healthy function, full engaged and activated is always in motion harmonizing, balancing, expanding, moving, dancing, flowing with the energies in all directions at all times, supporting you along your life path and journey of Ascension.

Merkaba is sacred geometry formed by two tetrahedrons or pyramids pointing in opposite directions. The pyramid shapes are intertwined or locked together, spinning in opposite directions creating a three dimensional image. Each pyramid shape is independent of the other and combine together to form the Merkaba or Star Tetrahedron. As point of reference The Star of David is a two dimensional version of a Merkaba. Below is an image of The Star of David.

A fully functioning Merkaba spins fast in opposite directions, creating a light body, or some reference a light vehicle that is capable of inter-dimensional and interstellar travel. Ascended Masters use their Merkaba to connect with higher realms and spirits.

While each person has their own personal Merkaba ~ Divine Energy field surrounding them ~ often it is not spinning and working optimally from years, decades, lifetimes of living in 3D heavy, dense energies and circumstances. The pressures of life and spiritual soiling diminish the power and effects of the Merkaba. Thus the energies, vibrations, wisdom, codes, and possibilities of the Merkaba are not fully activated in your field for living as a true potential and spiritual connectivity.

Participating in a conscious and focused Merkaba activation allows you to regenerate your personal Merkaba. Get it spinning at optimum levels, shining it up, releasing anything attached that has dimmed its light and power in your life. Activating or regenerating your Merkaba ramps up its unique vibration and frequencies creating a deeper experience of your connection with Source Energy thus a deeper experience of living as human.

As two pyramids locked together and yet independent of one another, spinning in opposite directions, their force harmonizes energies including Divine Masculine and Feminine. Harmonizing opposing and or opposite energies into perfect balance: masculine and feminine, past and future into Now, right brain and left brain, earth and cosmos, ANY other warring energies held within creating a push pull energetically in your body, mind and life experience.

Your Merkaba Activated and powered up shifts your human experience and interaction + experience of what we call spiritual, cosmic, universal energies.

It acts as transport to greater consciousness and higher dimensions.

Raising your vibration and assisting you in stepping more fully into your own Power.

More Benefits of Activating – Regenerating Your Merkaba:

  • use your Merkaba to deflect negative energy coming at you from people, situations, a place
  • use the Merkaba to draw into your reality that which you want to create and manifest
  • assists in activating your dormant DNA
  • healing the body on all levels and layers
  • enhancing creativity and your kundalini energy
  • inter-dimension travel and experiences
  • enhance your spiritual talents, gifts and abilities.
  • live as full potential
  • opens you up to new and greater possibilities
  • raises your vibration
  • assists you with 5D integration, living and being
  • feel and experience deeper connectivity with Source, God, Universe, All that Is, your Divine Self
  • the oscillation of the Merkaba constantly assisting in releasing that which no longer fits or serves
  • and pulls into your mind body and energy field the highest vibrations, frequencies, light codes, tones, colors

We know that each energy has its own unique signature and your personal Merkaba, while holding Universal vibrations, aspects and frequencies is specific to you.

It is with great pleasure and honour that I present the opportunity to facilitate Merkaba Activation for you.

A step by step process, making sure each sequence is activated and locked in before moving to the next step, so that by the end of our time together you will feel confident and solid living in the middle of your Merkaba immersed in the energy.

You are the key that opens, unlocks and revs up your Merkaba. Only You are the one to activate your Merkaba as it yours.

While I will Facilitate and Guide you through the process, you must make the choice and take responsibility for its construction as the Merkaba is part of your own power field. You are in charge and responsible for your Merkaba, no one else can mess with it or activate it. Energy healers and facilitators like myself can guide you through the process with you as activate participant making all of the decisions and choices for yourself.

If Activating, Rejuvenating your Merkaba feels like the next step or a much needed step in your Soul Journey of Ascension please join me and I will take you through the process of Merkaba Activation.

Merkaba Activation The Process:

  • Step by Step guidance and instruction to connect with and activate your Merkaba
  • A Merkaba image to visualize, gaze upon during the session to assist you in activating your personal Merkaba
  • Declaration of Merkaba integration
  • Energy Work + Breath Work, Toning, Construction, Grounding, Conscious Talk
  • MP3 recording of the class

Length about 1 hour 40 minutes:

Special Pricing: $47 US

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Terms Conditions and Disclaimer:

  • Esther is committed to delivering to you the highest vibration methods, processes, activations, readings, seminars for your journey of change and transformation. Once a product/service has been purchased there are no refunds.
  • Any health, nutritional or fitness information offering during readings or sessions is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute nor does it replace professional medical advice of any kind. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health consult with a physician or health care professional. Do not avoid, delay or disregard seeking out medical or health advice from a health care profession because of something you may have read, received or learned from this site, private or group sessions/readings. Any health , nutritional or fitness information provided on this site or during sessions with Esther should be undertaken under your own discretion and risk.
  • We do our best to ensure that you get the greatest value possible for your money. All recordings are infused throughout all time space and reality with the energy so they are just as effective and potent on replay as during the Live Event.
  • Esther is fully committed to offering you the highest level of Energy Transmissions available on the planet at this time with a Stretch and the greatest level of service to you. Thank you for being committed to your greatness and raising the consciousness of the planet!

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