August 12th Energy Update: Solar Winds are picking up. Perseid Meteor shower is in full effect. We are in-between Eclipses and now Mercury turns Retrograde at 9 pm tonight Eastern Time.
When Mercury turns retro 3-4 times a year it is a period of slowing down, turning inward and reflecting back to learn from the past, make adjustments, sometimes big changes and then move forward again more fully aligned with that which you desire.
Yes it can be a time of technology glitches and troubled communication. It’s not the best time to book a trip, start something new, sign a contract or buy large appliances but heck life happens, no more “rules” right? If you have to do any of the above go ahead just triple check all the details and facts.
Mercury starts retrograde in the sign of Virgo and then switches to Leo. Virgo is a sign that rules health, routines, organization. It likes detail.
This would be an excellent time to reflect and review and re-evaluate your habits, patternings and routines when it comes to health and well being. In fact review all of your routines to see what needs changing to be more supportive. Like your morning routine or bed time routine. Your routine at work, with the children; your family. Weekend routine.
Get organized under this sky and clear the clutter. Not just in your home, office, car, garage etc…. but your “home” where you as Soul Essence reside. This is the part that is going to be our focus during this Specific retrograde. Cleaning the clutter of our home, our body, mind and energy field.
The lunar eclipse has lifted much to the surface already and MR in Virgo is going to help you to do more August sweeping away of the old. Of that which must go in order for you to fully embed in 5D and above rather then just catching glimpses and slip back down into lower vibrations.
MR is a cycle, a cycle that ends Sept 5th and officially about 2 weeks later when Mercury moves out of shadow. What cycle are you willing to, ready to complete with Mercury?
Virgo energy can also make us sensitive to criticism or be critical ourselves.
Virgo energy can have us dive into shadow just like a good clean up requires getting into the corners and underneath the bed.
Sometime Virgo energy can bring up poor me energy or I always have to suffer for the greater good energy. That suffering program is fully 3D.
It will be interesting to see how Mercury Retrograde unfolds this time around with all of the Eclipse action. Remember this is the time to pause, look back, review, reassess, re-do, re-evaluate, remember.
~Love, Esther

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