Mercury Turns Retrograde Monday December 19th at 5:55 AM Eastern Time until January 8th. 
As we have moved into more consciousness we have learned to embrace MR as a Gift from Universe to slow down, pause, reflect, regroup, review, re-assess, re-do and re-evaluate. And with the energy moving so fast and time lines shifting quickly taking time to re-assess goals, desires, values, life, work etc… is very important.
Because this MR is in the signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius the theme around this round of review is work, career, business, education, reputation, travel and inspiration. So if any MR “bumps” occur it is most likely to be in one of these areas.
This is a good time to assess whether or not your career and relationships line up with your values. Do they offer support, meaning, a sense of purpose? Do they bring you joy and the opportunity to make a contribution? Do you enjoy getting up in the morning seeing the people you see and getting ready for work? Does your work and relationships support what you want to create in the future? Maybe you love your work/business but services, techniques and outreach need an upgrade. Are you working too hard? Is there a good work/life balance?
Perhaps you may discover that an upgrade of skills is due. Or that higher education has a draw. Do you learn through travel? Not only do I learn through traveling I shift alot as travel tends to bring up our “stuff” to the surface for acknowledgement and release.
Sagittarius offers us the energy of hope, inspiration and encouragement that the best is yet to come. So if there are any snarls due to MR this energy will assist us in moving into a space of this too shall pass and everything works together for my highest and best.
As always during mercury retrograde be extra careful with words and communication. Avoid signing contracts. Back up your computer. If you can delay making a major purchase push it off to the new year. Speak your thoughts and feelings clearly so there are no misunderstandings. And MR is great time to complete a project rather then start something new.
This energy is going to help us get focused so we can embrace 2017 with clarity, purpose and hope.
~Love, Esther 
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