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Tips On How To Get Motivated: Esther Appears on the CBC’s Steven and Chris Show.

Staying motivated can sometimes be a struggle whether it is sticking to a nutrition or exercise program or creating a better life situation for ourselves. Psychotherapist, Channel, Speaker and Author Esther Bartkiw’s guest appearance on the CBC hit, The Steven and Chris show. She offer tips on how to get and stay motivated. It all begins with your thoughts and beliefs.  

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Esther talks about Intuition with Gail Vaz-Oxlade on News Radio 1010. She offers tips and tools to help you connect with your intuition.

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Scroll to the 1:03:30 mark.


The Importance Of Using And Trusting Your Intuition

Esther Bartkiw appeared on Mom U with Laurel Crossley Byers to discuss the topic of Intuition. The following are clips taken from the interview which will assist you in getting connected with this valuable source of information.

The Importance of Using and Trusting Your Intuition

Why Do We Ignore Our Intuition?

Trusting Our Intuition vs. Listening To Other People’s Opinions

How To Enhance Your Intuition

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