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March 31st Energy Update

Here we are at the end of a month of magnificent changes triggered by Eclipses and Equinox. Today is the third day of the Mercury influence I have been writing about all week and Mercury is connecting with Uranus. As a result we feel inspired, ready to express and use our intuition.

It’s time to take your dreams into reality and that means inspired action. The energy flow of this week is helping you to do just that.
Even taking one small step like making an inquiry is a step forward.

Ideas are springing forth but you may find that your ideas are not a match to anothers especially in a collaborative effort. Talk it through and see if you can find a new way; a spin on the idea that works and benefits all.

At some point during the day chaos and disruption may pop into your experience. It could be during your dream state or in your everyday experience. The message could be one of feeling out of control or insecure about the next move. Heed the messages for learning and growth.

We are being prepped for next weeks New Moon the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year.

‪~Love, Esther

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