At some point on your journey of conscious creation, you might hit a roadblock. You may come to a place where no matter how much inner work  you do, how much action you take, that limiting belief still lingers, that sabotaging behavior persists, the change you desire in love, money, career, health, fun and well being remains at bay. It’s during these times we can become discouraged and lose faith.



What if there was another option?

Another way to address the issue at hand, to create the desires of your heart? Something you haven’t thought of?

Instead of facing the issue head on you used a backdoor way?




Imagine for a moment you are trying to get into the front door of your home but stacked against the door, jamming it shut are boxes of unwanted and useless stuff. No matter how hard you push and what you try to do, you can’t budge through. What do you do?


You find another way in. Perhaps a back door or basement door, maybe even climb through a window.


Once inside you remove what is blocking the door and create passage and flow once again in your space.


You can do the same thing with your inner work, dismantling and transmuting issues, beliefs and patterns which no longer serve.


A backdoor process is something I offer my clients when an issue they have been working to resolve continues to stick despite copious amounts of inner work. In fact  you have likely heard me say many times something similar to: If you are constantly working on money issues (for example) and there seems to be no shift, do something completely different. Work on something you would never work on or something you feel is not related such as: Watching too much tv,  being annoyed by people who crack their gum while chewing, a learning block, or strong reaction to sirens and emergency vehicles etc….  


By taking a break from working on that issue you are always working on, you know the one, money, love, body, career, intuition, psychic abilities, etc…. and addressing something you probably would never take the time to work on, or is number 20 on your list of items to address, you are engaging in a backdoor process that will not only address the problem at hand, but will likely address the issue you have been wrapped up in for ages.

Why? Because everything is connected and when we shift and change one area of our life it has a ripple effect throughout our whole mind, body and energy field. And that issue you address, the one that seems on one level not to be related to the one you really want change, if that thread of limitation is pulled free it just may unravel the whole ball of yarn. Because at the core of every issue the same limiting beliefs present over and over again.



Now stick with me here because this is where it gets even more interesting and exciting….. 


Coming up on April 28th I am hosting the Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience Energy Process and Class. The Focus, to face and release any fears, worries, concerns you have about dying,  create your transition exactly as you want it to be thus giving you peace of mind as you go about the days of your life. To transition with grace, dignity and ease.


You are Creator Being and you create everything in your life. That means how you transition is not left up to chance or as an outside force deems it. You get to create how you want leave the body and move on.


Let’s say you design and create your transition so that you pass on peacefully in your sleep with a smile on your face. You are in an environment that is comfortable and pleasing to you. You are with loved ones. You look back on your life and acknowledge it has been good.


You reflect on your life, memories of that trip you always wanted to take and you did it!


The good you were able to do with all your money abundance for friends, family, strangers; yourself.


Your inspired idea that blossomed into a seven figure business that served and provided jobs for many.


You remember running the marathon that you thought at one time you could not achieve and you are pleased that right until the end of your life you are in good health, mobile, agile, full facilities and awareness.


You feel warmth spread throughout your body as you reflect in gratitude that you were able to spend much time with the love of your life and were able to experience Big Love, great Love, for yourself and with other people.


As you ready to transition you survey the scene of your life and rejoice in all that you accomplished, created and experienced. And you pass on, transition from this earth experience in peace. There is no tragedy, pain, unease, worry, concern, doubts, regrets, or disappointment. There IS much peace, joy, a sense of fulfillment and a smile on your face.


Now here’s the connection. Everything is connected. Transitioning this way implies that YOU in THIS lifetime, created loving, long lasting relationships intimate and other.


You created money abundance in your life. In fact so much money abundance you were able to help many people and enjoy the money yourself.


You created good health, well being and vitality in your body.


You lived your passions and desires,  engaged in adventures and achieved your goals.


You made a difference being in service to humanity and the world.


Transitioning From Earth To Heaven ~ Be The Architect Of Your Ideal Death Experience, a Backdoor Process that not only gives you peace of mind for your transition, but also assists you in creating your personal desires in other areas of your life.


Join me… April 28th for a beautiful and gentle conscious creating, spiritual, proactive energy process to give you peace of mind by designing and creating your transition from this lifetime and in a backdoor unconventional and effective way, help you to create the desires of your heart so that when it comes time to leave the physical you can smile, nod, reflect and be filled with joy and satisfaction of a life well lived.


Learn More and Sign Up Here… 


~Love, Esther 

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