Lunar Eclipse October 28th, 2023: Something has reached its potential. Rewards and Gains.

>>> Excerpt from today’s Energy Update on the Private Telegram Group regarding upcoming lunar eclipse on October 28th.

“I’ve already discussed the positive affect Venus has on this lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse is also getting positive, expansive and yes magical beams of Light from Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, what we call good luck and fortune. Opportunities out of the blue. Right place right time. Chance encounters or information which are not chance at all.

Jupiter is going to help with endings in a positive way.

Jupiter is going to help usher in rewards and tangible manifestations.

Jupiter will clearly illuminate to you the BIGGER PICTURE for the next two years. So pay attention to the universal clues and signs.

Remember during the solar eclipse I talked about the South Node influence and how it required a sacrifice to get the change you seek? That’s still all in motion.

However during the lunar eclipse the North Node is in play!! The north node is about expansion like Jupiter. It points you forward.

Jupiter, North Node, Venus and Taurus all beautiful influences on this lunar eclipse which point to gains, rewards, positive outcomes, joy and expansion.

It’s also a full moon and full moons focus on closing the door on the old. An ending, a culmination.

We often think about endings as in a relationship, job; a bad habit.

But endings also means your process of manifesting is over in a particular area and it is time for the recognition, rewards; the gains.

Whatever is ending, as this two year cycle completes, has reached its potential. It is time for new.

Read that again if you are struggling with letting go. Whatever it is, has reached it potential it is time for NEW.”

To learn more about how Taurus, Venus, Jupiter and North Node are influencing the upcoming lunar eclipse. To understand “the time has come” ending.

How the eclipse energies are being seeded in your life. What might show up and what kinds of rewards and gains you may receive.

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