Welcome to the August 18th Lunar Eclipse; a rare third eclipse during our September Eclipse Season. Dubbed as a pumped up Full Moon by some and embraced as an Eclipse by others including me, it’s happening in the sign of Aquarius peaking at 5:42 am Eastern Time.
We start to feel Full Moon Eclipse Energy about 4 days before the event and up to 4 days after so we are in the swing of Eclipse Energy right now! Today the energies presented to me as calm and peaceful. I feel in the flow , having interesting encounters bringing with them new experiences. Love to hear how you are experiencing and noticing this Eclipse.
Eclipses are cosmic tools Universe uses to create dramatic change and shift resulting in a crumbling of the old and thrust forward! Anywhere you have been siting on the fence humming and ha-ing about what to do, events around the Eclipse may force your hand to decide and decide quickly. Sudden change is exciting and it can be uncomfortable depending on your perspective. No matter what shows up in your life during the upcoming Eclipse remember Universe is always working on your behalf returning you to the Love that you are and breaking free from the illusion.
I check in regularly with Universe for information about this Eclipse and continue to receive the message that it will usher in the vibrations for positive, exciting change. Surprises! Out of the blue encounters, opportunities; situations.
The Lunar Eclipse is placing focus on Money and living your Truth. In the past 48 hours I have spent more money then I have in a long time and doing so with joy, ease, gratitude and knowing that I AM Abundance and so are you.
The Aquarius influence supports us in living as True Self, the Love, Light, Divine Being that we are and this eclipse will help you to stand grounded in the knowing, embodiment and living as True Self. It will show you where doubts and blocks may be in the way and offer inspiration and ideas to live as Divine Self ~ I AM.
Uranus the planet of luck and surprises has a strong influence during this Full Moon Eclipse thus the unexpected delights. In actuality those delights find their way into your experience because you are vibing with them.
Emotions always run high during a Full Moon add in an Eclipse and emotions will be heightened. You may experience love, lust or jealous and rage. No middle of the road emotions during this phase.
Old hurts, wounds, memories may surface thanks to the Chiron ~Jupiter effect that began just a few days ago. Do your inner work and release this stagnant heavy energy allowing the Eclipse to sweep in some big changes.
Full Moons hold the energy of culmination and this Eclipse will assist us in creating endings in a magnificent way to prep us for the official September Eclipse Season. Keep in mind it is a 9 year and in numerology 9 holds the energy of closure. During an Eclipse the closure may come abruptly.
I must note that the more Eclipse Seasons you move through as a conscious being, doing your inner work and raising your vibration the easier Eclipses are to navigate. When I think back over the years I went through some hellish Eclipse Seasons all in Divine Perfect Order getting me to where I am now. And now stuff still comes up but there is a lot more flow, Love and Joy presenting. Each person will have their own experience based on where they are on their Journey of Ascension.
This is the year of moving into your I AM Presence. Moving from a place of loving Self to knowing you are Love, Light, Divine. The way-showers are blazing a path to embodiment of I AM making it easier and smoother for those in the wake and who still slumber despite all of the opportunities to awaken.
As you embody and live more and more as the Love that you are, the God/Goddess that you are, manifestation of what you desire quickens so know what you want and hold a laser focus. Life becomes more meaningful, easier, fun, relaxed and the stumbling blocks are simply viewed as an opportunity to move deeper into that Love Vibration.
Happy Eclipse to all and whatever presents is perfect for you and in Divine Order.

 Love, Esther

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