Women around the world are waking up to a shift in consciousness. Feeling the urge to connect with, embody and express their Divine Feminine Energies. To be fully woman and radiate that energy out into the world. We are done with dimming our feminine essence.
Times are Changing. We are Changing.

The Essence of Femininity lives inside of every woman.
It is your true nature, beauty; your beingness.
Your Feminine Energy is your God given energy,
Unique to you. No one can be a woman like you.

The Essence of Femininity is to be wildly in love and accepting of Self. Your Whole Being.
All of your parts and aspects.
Light and Shadow.

As a women, being and expressing the fullness of your feminine energy is how you thrive.

What went wrong? How did we go astray in our femininity?

Perhaps you were never taught how to be a woman or have forgotten what healthy mature femininity is.

Maybe role models of women in healthy mature expression of their feminine energies were absent from your life?

Likely you fell under the influence of teachings and beliefs from parents, culture, religion, society, feminist ideology of what being a woman is.

And as you followed those influences, over time, you disengaged from your Divine Feminine Essence. Stepped into shadow feminine energy.
Drawn into competition, being a workhorse, having to do it all by yourself, exalting your masculine energy and repressing your woman energy.
Your Unique Essence.

Now is the time for women to RISE UP and RADIATE Healthy Feminine Energy.

I love being a Woman always have. But I haven’t always been living in an expression of Healthy Mature Feminine Energy.

I was steeped in shadow feminine energies: deeply insecure, easily offended, jealous, victim mentality, critical, judgemental, distant, avoiding pleasure, shadow sexual practice, no fun and denying my true self because true self wasn’t good enough.

There was a period of time when I lived more in my masculine energy then feminine because I didn’t believe that my feminine essence was up to the task of life.

And then I turned the shadow around. Nurtured and developed my feminine energies.

First Step, consciously choosing to be fully feminine in a healthy and mature way.

You can take that step right here, right now.

I shined a Light on my shadow feminine energies. Honoured all and gave them permission to express.

During my upcoming new offering Radiate The Fullness of Your Healthy Feminine Energies, I am going to share with you steps to develope and enhance your femininity so you too can flourish in your unique woman energy.

Flourishing in your Feminine Energies is more than wearing a pretty dress with flowers in your hair and dancing under the moonlight. Although YES! that is fully feminine.

It’s connecting with the Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl energies within. Giving them love and attention. Allowing them the freedom to express their Light and Shadow and bring Healing to them as needed.

Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl energies are four of the 12 Female Archetypes identified by Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung and are the archetypes which present most often during client sessions in my holistic therapy practice.

You ARE a Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl. Are you living FULLY these energies in a healthy, self honouring way?

When you Flourish in these Woman Energies, You feel comfortable and settled being a Woman.
Live as True Self in your woman body.
You love and enjoy being a Woman.
You love and enjoy ALL of the pleasures of Life.
Part of your Feminine Essence is to enjoy ALL of the pleasures of Life. Are you?

Being in the fullness of your healthy mature feminine energies puts you in the flow of who you are, and being in the FLOW supports
you in Manifesting and Attracting what you want more easily.

Healthy Feminine Energy is Magical and Mystical. It is Alluring. Magnetic.

Beautiful Energy to Manifest and Create the Life You Desire.

We start the process of Developing and Enhancing Your Feminine Energies, Queen, Lover, Mother and Girl on April 1st.

By the end of the Program, when you participate fully, you can expect a positive beautiful shift, an UPLIFTING of your Feminine Energy so you can be more YOU. Grow spiritually and psychological as woman. Live more Authentically.

From now until April 1st I will be making posts about this program and Living Fully in Healthy Feminine Energies. I will share with you my story and why this topic is important to me and how much fun I have being a Woman. Why developing and enhancing your feminine energies will take you to a whole new level of life experience.

You’ll see these posts on Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, FaceBook, my Blog and this newsletter. Watch for them.                                                            Access Me Here: https://linktr.ee/estherbartkiw

Right now click on the link below to read the information page for this program. The page is chalked full of information about feminine energy, program outline and what you can expect.

There are three packages to choose from Gold, Diamond and Emerald. I would love to work with you one on one.

If you have questions please ask.

This program is for every light being born in a woman’s body who wants to Express Herself Fully in Healthy Feminine Energies.
Who wants to Radiate and Live as Divine Feminine.

For the men reading this post, as we women enhance our true femininity it is good for you to understand what that looks like and means so please read the posts supporting this program. Also as women rise up and reclaim our femininity, we are looking for men to be in their healthy mature masculine energy. If you have women you care about in your life, mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, family, friend pass this information along to them. Spread the News!

Details and Sign Up: https://whispersfromthesoul.com/feminine-energy

~Love, Esther

Did you have a take away from this post? Please share with me in the comment section. I love to hear from you.


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