Lion’s Gate ~ New Moon Energy Update 8-8

Every year on August 8th Sirius, a star in the Orion Constellation, the Sun and Earth align with the Galactic Core. And an outpouring of LIGHT from the galactic core floods the plane offering us new Higher Light, new Light codes, higher consciousness and new frequencies. An upgrade for humanity and all of the earth.

August 8th is the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal which opens about a week prior and closes a week later. It’s called the Lion’s Gate because the Sun is in the sign of Leo.

8-8 in numerology is auspicious. Eight is the number of abundance, infinity, creativity; of infinite possibilities. Manifestation quickens during this portal so BE a conscious creator and focus only on that which you want to BE, live and experience in your life.

How do you receive these energies? Everyone on the planet has access to them. They are for everyone. Consciously receive them through intention, declaration, meditation, reflection, breath work, spending time outdoors in nature, in the sun as much as possible. Also keep reading, I have a suggestion for a ceremony/ritual you can do on 8-8 and every day of the year to stay in alignment with the Higher Light.

Now I am going to put this out there, even though the channelers and spiritual people say 8-8 is the peak of Lion’s Gate, I am certain we hit the peak outpouring on August 4th. The energies were off the chart magnificent that day and Schumann Resonance was rockin. I don’t hold to dogma and rules even in the spiritual community. While 8-8 might be the calendar date of Lion’s Gate, God and Cosmos aren’t bound by time constraints and human declarations of this is the date. Question everything, even spiritual concepts you believe are true. I’ve found many to not be true. Deception is everywhere.

Adding to energetics of 8-8, this year we have the New Moon in Leo peaking at 9:50 am eastern time. With both the sun and moon in Leo on this date everything is heightened. You feel everything more, experience everything more, whether you deem it good or bad. Duality still exists in this realm. Again I stress manifestations are happening quickly under this sky. ONLY focus on what you want to draw into your experience.

This New Moon is good energy to rebuild and start new in the areas of  honouring Self, healthy pride, self respect, working on your appearance, physical health and wellbeing and also how you present yourself to the world.

The new moon energy is great for new beginnings in romance, creativity, anything to do with children, compassion, generosity, play and having fun! Also inner child work.

At the same time the sun and moon are squaring Uranus, the planet of shock, awe and surprise. There may be some unexpected announcements and changes; shocking news. All of this is required in order to push you to make positive change forward.

In the past, I have had some Lion’s Gate 8-8 days teeming with epiphanies, inspirations, Divine Guidance and Direction and some years the day comes and goes without anything of significance happening. So reflect beyond this day to what has presented since the beginning of the month and what shows up in the next few days. As I mentioned earlier, think back to August 4th, that was a significant day.

Here’s my suggestion on how you can work with the energies. I am currently studying how to work with the Sun for Quantum Healing. Using the rays of the sun to charge up our electrical currents to fully live as the Light Beings we are while in a physical body. And I’m learning so much about how to work with Sun energies. Once I have a good handle on it I will definitely share with you. For now try this out >

When the sun rises in the morning your time, face the sun and be with the energies for 15 minutes. If you are unable to see the sun rise, face east you will receive the light rays. And then at sunset face the sun for 15 minutes and receive the infrared light rays. Again if you do not see the sunset face the west the rays are there. This is a beautiful way to honour the Sun and the Moon and the Lion’s Gate outpouring and also use the energies for Quantum Healing. If you do take me up on this suggestion let me know your experience. Oh and feel free to do this every day, not just on 8-8.

Have a beautiful day everyone. You are the magic and the miracles you seek.

Love, Esther 

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