My Soul has been in overdrive the past couple of days making sure that I am on course with my vision for the future and keeping it real with authenticity.

It all started on Saturday when I was visiting  a relative. While once very close and connected, our life’s paths and belief systems have caused us to slowly drift apart. We both know it and are okay with it and yet still choose to stay connected because we are family and our love for each other runs deep.

During our afternoon together the conversation took many twists and turns. Several times I held back from saying what I really felt or thought out of courtesy and love for this person. I kept focusing on how grateful I am to have this person in my life and what a treasure they have been to me.

What was unusual on this visit was that I noticed a feeling of anxiety rising in my chest as our afternoon progressed. I couldn’t attribute the feeling to anything in particular. In fact I had a lovely morning and felt very bright and cheery heading into the afternoon.

On the drive home I checked in with my Soul to find out what was going on and it whispered to me that I was not honoring myself during the time I spent with my kin and the anxiousness was a part of me that wanted to either bolt and get out of that limiting situation or verbally explode on the person with what I really thought.

This Soul whisper rang true for I knew that the time was coming to be more real with my family in regards to my beliefs and how I live my life. I have been leaving out details to protect them from upset and to shield myself from the barrage of “preaching,” I knew I would get in return.

On my drive home I decided that while I might not offer up the details all in one fell swoop, moving forward I would answer their questions with gentle truth rather then dodging the subject. I know I am not responsible for their reactions and being true to myself is most important.

Yesterday I had round two with my Soul. I was on a masterminding call and an idea for the group began to be bantered about. As the idea was masterminded it evolved into a possible new business venture for all of us. A part of me was very excited; feeling very creative and positive about the venture.

And a part of me began to feel very anxious.

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The anxiousness became so strong by the end of the call that I immediately checked in with my Soul to once again find out what was going on.

My Soul whispered that the anxious ness was a nudge to stay on course with my vision and my purpose. That the idea being tossed around is excellent, but the time spent on it would take me away from my path and soul’s purpose. The anxiousness was a signal to take a step back and to take stock. Would my involvement in this plan move me forward, slow me down or stall me all together?

I got the point and realized it would slow me down greatly–and at a time when I am in full steam ahead.

Once I got the message and decided to stay the course of my vision, the anxiousness subsided.

I am grateful to my Soul for keeping me on track in all areas of my life. For keeping me real and keeping me focused.

~Love, Esther~



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