July 9th Energy Update: Reflect back two days ago to July 7th, what was being stirred up energetically on that day is being re-triggered today just to make sure you got it all.

On the 7th the planets aligned to create intense energies to help each of us become more heart centered, open the mind to new awareness, consciousness, wisdom and truth. The energies began to work with each of us to further revamp our relationships, finances and creative expressions. This is all coming up again. Roadblocks standing in the way of further growth will surface for awareness and release. Upgrades in vibration and frequency will commence as old energies let go. These times can be quite challenging, tense and uneasy. Especially if you have parts that fear change, the unknown; need a guaranteed outcome.

We call it a breakthrough because a breaking away of the old is required to step into the new. You must let go of something to get something new. Resisting the energies and change is a choice as is flowing with them. Whatever you choose know you are perfect and everything is in Divine order working to bring you back to Love.

At the same time there is a great deal of optimism, hope and joy in the air. After all as we face the issues, release, break-free and move into a grander space of love, light and our Divinity; hope and optimism naturally appear.

You may even find yourself in a dreamy state today. Getting lost in the imagination, fantasy, visions of loveliness dancing in your head. Awesome. Have at it and enjoy!

~Love, Esther

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