July 25th is … The Day Out Of Time 13 Moon Mayan Calendar. A high vibration, Cosmic Portal for manifesting +++ 

The Day Out Of Time signals the closing of the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar. 13 Moons @ 28 days = 364 days. The 365th Day, July 25th, is an extra day. Not part of “time.” It’s WILDCARD Energy.

It is believed by astrologers, mayan historians, and many in the spiritual community, that this day is charged with unique, high vibration, intense; powerful energy.

It’s a day to hold laser focus in thoughts, visualisation, imagination, action & behavior, on what you want to create, that which is supportive of the life you want to live. Love, Abundance, Health, Creativity, Connection, etc …

The Day Out Of Time is coupled with an outpouring from the cosmos of beautiful manifesting energy. Creating a personal blueprint, just for you, for the next 13 moon cycle. Potter, you ~ Clay, energy.

It’s a day to watch for significant intuitive flashes, dreams, encounters, visions, ideas, breakthroughs; Eureka moments.

Also, a time for reflection, prayer, gratitude, and celebration for it likens to New Years Eve. A start of a new year.

The next day, July 26th, is the Mayan New Year. Some say the true Universal New Year.

Use the energy and wisely. It’s like a gift. Imprint and blueprint the energy mindfully. Set the tone and path for your next 13 moon cycle.

Love, Esther 

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Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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