July Eclipse Energy Event
Raise The Vibration Yours and the World’s
July 2 – 17, 2019

The second Eclipse Season of the year is approaching.

First up there is a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd peaking at 3:22 pm eastern time in the sign of Cancer. The total solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of Chile and Argentina and partially visible in areas of South America and the South Pacific. However everyone, everywhere will feel and receive its effects.

Early information flowing in to me suggests that this Total Solar Eclipse will be highlighted by positive aspects. Optimism, hope, abundance, creativity, new beginnings, peaceful solutions and events, chains breaking away, spiritual practice and pursuits enhanced.

On July 16-17th depending on your time zone is a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn peaking on the 16th at 5:30 pm eastern time. It will be visible in many parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the South and Eastern parts of North America, South America, Antarctica, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

What I am receiving is that this partial lunar eclipse will be more intense, stimulating reactive behavior, crisis, blow ups, scandal, strong emotions, family and relationship issues, drama in your personal life and on the world scene. Also heightened psychic abilities so you feel and sense everything that happens acutely. Messages will come in 5:5 meaning loud and clear.

Eclipses can create abrupt change in our lives. These Celestial Events are a Universal tool used to shake us and wake us personally and as collective, assisting us in our Ascension Process.

Eclipses are a big deal energetically influencing everything in our solar system, humanity and all that roam and live upon the Earth.

Astrologers believe eclipses illuminate to us our purpose, full potential, the path ahead while dramatically, abruptly, creating change in any area(s) of our lives as course corrections or a rocket launch forward gain.

Consider eclipses not only as a course correcters but also as a reality check. They involved surprise, shock, awe, both oh Wow and/or oh No type of events.

Eclipses are a time of doors opening and closing quickly. Speeding up the processes and time-lines in our lives. Pushing us to make change NOW especially in those areas we have been stalling or lulled to sleep in a comfort zone. The push could be smooth or jarring depending on where we are in our journey, vibration, outlook, attachments, focus and attention.

It is during these times of potent powerful waves of Light and Frequencies sweeping across the planet, taking us on a roller coaster ride of emotions, realizations, changes, new decisions, unexpected occurrences and often bewilderment, that we all could use some extra energetic and conscious support. And so once again I will be hosting an Eclipse Energy Event to assist you in flowing and working with the Eclipse Energies, creating new conscious awarenesses to stimulate deep and grounded personal and spiritual change and growth on your Ascension Path.

Special Focus: With an added focus on Raising The Vibration, Yours and The World’s through special vibration raising exercises and practices offered to you during live calls and email updates. Read below for more information.

I invite you to join me Esther Bartkiw and people from around the world, harnessing the power and might of these July Eclipses and other cosmic alignments + Universal Downloads to Raise your Vibration and take your Ascension Process to next level experience.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are Instruments of the Universe which shake up our lives, get us to wake up and take notice, push us out of our comfort zones and work with each of us to swiftly, powerfully, with LOVE, become more conscious, claim our Divinity and live as the Love and Light that we are. Eclipses are Catalysts of Dramatic Change.

  • Eclipses usher in New ~ Life Changing Events ~ Course Corrections ~ Turning Points ~ The Unexpected.
  • Eclipses are Wild Card Energy.
  • Eclipses create Endings and New Beginnings.
  • Eclipses blast away roadblocks standing in our way.
  • Eclipses trigger shock and awe at the might, power and LOVE of the Universe.
  • Eclipses reveal Truths. Break down barriers. Create Timeline Shifts.

Let’s Review The 7 Phases of this Special Energy Event:

1. Daily Pure Source Distant Energy Work and Transmissions:

Receive Powerful Downloads of Daily Energy Work July 2 to July 17. Three times daily at 8 am, 1 pm and 6 pm UTC.

I will connect with you through our Group Avatar working with your energy field individually and as a group, clearing, transmuting, shifting, changing, neutralizing and adjusting the energies coming up for release. At the same time infusing into your energy field the highest vibrations available to you on the planet in the moment.

Raising your vibration with specific and laser focus energy work. Often the Email Updates will outline what I am working on energetically with the Group for your awareness and understanding. The Official Start of the Distant Energy Work is July 2nd.

The energy work I do with the Group is extensive. This is the first time I am scheduling the times for the energy work by request from past participants. The length of time of each transmission will vary according to Divine Guidance Directive.

During the distant energy work, you don’t have to do anything. Just be open to receive. Go about your day and life. The Beings of Light and I will work with you and our Group Avatar on whatever is coming up in the moment and requires attention. You get Energy Work without doing the work! How amazing is that!

2. Total Solar Eclipse Energy Transmission July 2nd

Both Eclipse Calls Include: Energy Transmissions, Attunements, Activations, Timeline Shifts, Meditation and information to help you to Open To Greater Consciousness and Awareness.

Purging of Density, addressing issues and situations presenting to the group for completion and letting go. Boosting your vibration, embodiment of I AM and living as the Divine Being that you are.

Date: Tuesday July 2nd, 2019.

Time: 11 AM Eastern Toronto/New York Time

Length of Call: 60 Minutes

Plus MP3 recording of all events.

3. Lunar Eclipse Energy Transmission Call July 16th

Date: Tuesday July 16, 2019

Time: 11 AM Eastern Toronto/New York Time

Length of Call: 60 Minutes

Time Zone Converter: Click Here

4. Raising The Vibration Yours and the World’s

Added Special Focus of this event raising your vibration, the collectives and the world’s. During the calls and email updates I will be offering to you special vibration raising exercises and practices. These will be home tasks designed and intended to help you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration you raise the vibration of all of humanity.

Participation in these home tasks is strongly encouraged to take head and heart knowledge, inner awareness and personal frequency and translate it into the physical for manifestation and living.


5. Much Appreciated by All, I will send you frequent energy updates.

Information to challenge your beliefs, truths and concepts of reality.

Updates on what is being cleared and released from your field and our Group Avatar.

Information on what is being infused into the Group Avatar of which you are a part of.

Channeled inspiration, tips, suggestions and motivation SPECIFIC TO THE GROUP to help keep you on track and focused during this powerful potent Energy Phase.

*Email Updates will be sent frequently.

6: Working with the Schumann Resonance.

Are you aware of the Schumann Resonance? In layman’s terms the Schumann Resonance measures the frequency of the earth or some call it the heartbeat of the earth. For a very long time the Schumann Resonance reading held steady at 7.83 htz, now it is changing and spiking regularly. When the earth’s frequency elevates we feel it in the moment. I have been tracking spikes and their effects for a while and during our Eclipse Event will offer Schumann Resonance updates and tips on how to flow with the spikes.

7: Exclusive to the program…

As issues, situations, emotions, beliefs, patterns and behaviors pop up into your life during the Eclipse Event, you can email me Esther your experiences, and I will include them in the daily energy work.

That’s right you can email me during the Energy Event and express what is coming up for you and I will include your request in the daily energy work for even greater assistance, release, infusion and upgrade of your Light Body and Energy Field.

PLUS there is a Bonus!

A Q&A Call during which you can share what you are feeling, noticing and experiencing during Eclipse Season and I will offer guidance, insight, coaching and suggestions on how to work with what is presenting. Questions can be pre-submitted for those unable to attend the call live.

Date:  Thursday July 11th, 2019.

Time: 11 AM Eastern Toronto/New York Time

Length of Call: 60 Minutes

Time Zone Converter: Click Here

Pkg A: All Seven Phases of This Event + The Bonus = Total Value of $3997

Special Offer: $197 (HST may be applied)

$197.00 (hst if applicable) Add to cart

*Registration is for one person to honour my work, time, commitment and the Energies. The Energy transmissions will be directed to the person who registers.

Important Note: Upon registration an automatic email from Esther will be sent to you containing an active link. Click on the link and input your name and best email to begin receiving program information immediately. Watch for the email and link.

BECAUSE You Rated the Package with a Private Session as 5  Star

Pkg B: Everything included in Pkg A + One Hour Private Session With Esther

For Extra Personal Attention choose to add a Private One Hour Session during which we will address one issue of your choice for life altering change and expansion into more of your greatness. Money, Body, Health, Love, Relationships, Release Fear, Worry, Doubt, Self Judgment, Sabotaging Patterns and Behaviors. Choose one specific issue, belief or pattern for exploration, release and movement forward. Session is held via Skype, Telephone or Web-Call with MP3 Recording.

Take your personal transformation to the next level. Clients value my ability to get to the core of an issue and make deep change in a short amount of time. During this session one very specific issue will be focused on for exploration, clearing and re-engineering. The result? Harmony. Wholeness. Change from within creating change in your outward reality. It is the perfect add-on to a stellar program of transformation.

Receive everything included in Pkg A PLUS a 60 Minute Private Session

Special Offer: $447 (Hst may be applied)

$447.00 (hst if applicable) Add to cart

*Session to be completed by end of July 2019.

ADD ON to Pkg A or Pkg B Special Feature As Requested by Past Event Participants

Add to your experience by including Online Email Coaching and Readings. During the Eclipse Event send me 4 personal questions and I will channel for you Divine Guidance. Responses will be 2-5 sentences in length and sent via email. Questions are to be submitted by July 16th, 2019. Online Email Coaching has been added to the program because past participants said YES we want this option, it is valuable.

Special Offer: $47  (Hst as applicable)

$47.00 (hst if applicable) Add to cart

*Deadline for email questions July 16th.

Testimonials.  Here’s What People Say About Esther’s Work:

I am forever grateful to have joined you on this journey. It has brought many things to my awareness and challenging the whole with tough questions was not only appropriate but beneficial. My heart is in constant expansion since the last alert you gave and have welcomed the release of energies of sadness, grief, and heart break. How beautiful I find this process to be. ~ Angelina (Eclipse Event)
The Divine love energy transmission was out of this world fantastic! I had tingles all over and felt super cold but warm hands. At one point I felt guided to open my gates of my toes and fingers!That really helped to flush out the stagnate energies from my body. ~ Marie-Louise (Eclipse Event)
Thank you so much for yesterday’s transmission. For the first time in a long time my entire body was free from any discomfort and I had tears of bliss flowing. I forgave myself and felt a deep sense of compassion for self that I have never experienced before. It touched my soul to the deepest core and so much was swept away most of which wasn’t mine. ~ Emma (Eclipse Event)
When you had us connecting with the energies at the 11:28 solstice, I could see the light codes dropping in and I then felt this strong urge to surrender and then what sounded like the language of light was being vocalized through me. Powerful call! ~ In Canada
First of all – WOW and thank you from my whole heart center for your loving, powerful yet gentle nudging, energetic Equinox activation.  It was so much and more.  When we were doing the 5/10 breathing, at one point my whole body shifted and I felt like I was wrapped in this soft, warm, loving cocoon where streams of Light and Love were flowing – oh, so beautiful.  After the call as I sat quietly breathing, in anticipation of the Equinox, all of a sudden a deep wave of convulsing energy came up from my 2nd / 3rd chakra area, almost like I was going to throw up, and then the tears came – tears of release, tears of relief, tears of self-love.  And I started chanting – I am Love, the Love I am!  Words can’t begin to describe my gratitude for this journey with you and the Avatar group. Peace and Love, Maryann
Thank you, thank you thank you for an amazing 7 weeks of energy work. Its been incredibly powerful and by far the most comparing to the previous ones you have been holding. What fantastic experiences you are taking us through, reaching new energy and spiritual heights each time.The opportunity to ask you questions throughout was a wonderful idea. Thank you to those who suggested it and you for proposing it!. ~Elisabeth
I got a taste of how powerful your work is through the last Eclipse Event but must have partly forgotten. Holy cow!! This Solstice event was magical. I sat for a while afterwards as you suggested and drank what felt like a gallon of water, and kept popping back out, zooming off round the universe. ~C
During my Session with Esther we connected to a past life and were able to clear the energy from events in that life that were influencing me today. As a result in just a few days I have manifested new clients and increased my income. In fact as soon as the session was over I received several email inquiries of my services and within two days booked three new clients. ~ Cathy, Hamilton, Ontario

Your Personal Commitment To Yourself. Please Read….    

I understand that my life may change as a result of the information and energy processing provided during this program. Changes beyond what I expect or deem positive or negative.

I understand that while change can happen dramatically overnight often change comes in steps. It is my responsibility to follow the steps, listen to the my inner guidance and direction, trust the process and validate, validate, validate the changes.

When change is happening I may go through a detox process on all levels of my body mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. My life may go through a detox and cleansing as a result and it may be bit uncomfortable at times. I know that this too shall pass and is part of the process of change. I will seek medical advice and treatment when needed.

I am ready to fully participate in this Eclipse Energy Transmission Event.

I am ready to take responsibility for my life and the changes that occur.

I am ready to stand in my power and treat other people’s opinions simply as information for my consideration.

I am ready and willing to reconnect with and further expand into who I truly be; Divine Love, A Spark of Creation an Infinite Magnificent Being of Light.

Oh and I promise to celebrate even the smallest shifts and changes knowing that acknowledging each change subtle or big will snowball into greater and grander transformation.

Terms Conditions and Disclaimer:

  • Esther is committed to delivering to you the highest vibration methods, processes, activations, readings, seminars for your journey of change and transformation. Once a product/service has been purchased there are no refunds.
  • Any health, nutritional or fitness information offering during readings or sessions is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute nor does it replace professional medical advice of any kind.  If you have concerns about your physical or mental health consult with a physician or health care professional. Do not avoid, delay or disregard seeking out medical or health advice from a health care profession because of something you may have read, received or learned from this site, private or group sessions/readings. Any health , nutritional or fitness information provided on this site or during sessions with Esther should be undertaken under your own discretion and risk.
  • We do our best to ensure that you get the greatest value possible for your money. All recordings are infused throughout all time space and reality with the energy so they are just as effective and potent on replay as during the Live Event.
  • Esther is fully committed to offering you the highest level of Energy Transmissions available on the planet at this time with a Stretch and the greatest level of service to you. Thank you for being committed to your greatness and raising the consciousness of the planet!      ~Love, Esther

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