Please allow me the indulgence of prefacing this post by saying I really didn’t want to write it. My human self just didn’t want to go there and experience anger filled, third dimensional responses to my words. But my Divine Self kept insisting I write these words reminding me that I promised to share with you the information I am inspired to share. My Divine Self reminded me that I am committed to not only my Soul’s Journey of Ascension but also to help others awaken to more consciousness, release limitation and live life as True Self, as the love that you are. And in the end I kinda got a, Suck it up buttercup, response from Divine Self delivered in a very loving way. So here goes….

Do you judge Donald Trump? If you are, you are holding yourself back from immersing fully into 5D Energy and living in the 5D New Earth paradigm. For most of you reading this post I KNOW that is your focus and intention, 5D Living and Being. I am committed to being a guide helping you get there. So it is part of my responsibility and role to point out that judgment of Trump, of anyone, anything, including yourself is Not in alignment with Fifth Dimensional energies of Love, Compassion, Harmony and Oneness.

Deep breath…. (for me)

Of course it is okay to have an opinion of Mr. T. Always stick to your values, what is important to you and if you disagree with Trump (or anyone else for that matter, Mr T. is just a current and dramatic example), speak your Truth. Make your voice heard, not in violence for that begets more violence and is low level energy. From righteous anger of injustice?… sure. From anger steeped in hatred?…no.

Gather instead of protest. Rally instead of creating a mob. You don’t have to drop into what some might consider an airy fairy position of  just think positive thoughts, just send love action and attitude. Although there is nothing wrong with that and only good comes from those energies. Be real. Be yourself. Express yourself and do it from the space of creating solutions and change inspired from the heart. Judgment is Not heart centered living.

It’s okay to say: I don’t agree with you. I don’t like what you are doing or saying. I can’t support your ideas and actions. Your reality is not my reality. The world you want to create is not the world I want to create. And then let it go focusing on supporting what you do value.

Judgment is different from having an opinion or point of view. For me my current stance on judgment, (and it could change) is something you hold against someone.

For instance let’s say you are walking down the street and see someone wearing what you would consider inappropriate clothing. A 5D heart based response might be. Interesting choice in clothing. It is not what I would choose. I wonder what he/she holds within that is contributing to that choice? Perhaps I can help this person in some way? Suggest a new style? Offer to take them shopping? Ask them how feel? What is happening in their life? All approaches coming from the heart, a place of non-judgment, compassion and willingness to be in service.

A judgmental approach would be: Oh My God. What is he/she wearing? Who would wear clothes like that? Certainly someone who is not in their right mind. Let’s walk to the other side of the street. Insert facing making, radiating of disgust energy, shunning and I am better then you attitude.

Get the point?

You don’t have to like Trump. But what if he is the perfect person to bring down the Cabal, The Illuminati, the Powers that Were which are now crumbling?

And isn’t Trump doing a wonderful job of getting the collective to awaken. Awaken to what is really happening in the world. Awaken to their own point of view on a number of subjects. Trump has us contemplating and assessing what we truly value and is pushing us, some for the very first time, to take a stance.

While Trump is up to his antics there are all kinds of beautiful Shifts that are happening to the collective as a result.

We say we want change but when we make this declaration we are often saying: I want change without pain, discomfort, too much trouble.


We are being presented with change, dramatic change and it’s coming with  lot’s of pain, not just for America for the whole world. It is the shake up and walk up call we ALL have been needing. To create and live in a World of peace, love and harmony what does not fit must be purged. Events and circumstances in our world right now are evidence of the dross rising to the surface. Just as we do our inner work to let go all that we are not, the collective, the world, the earth is also going through the same process.

In this regards Trump is a good choice for President of the USA as Hillary Clinton would have just carried on with the status quo.

I press upon you again, you don’t have to like Trump, agree with him or support him but please Do Not let him drag you down. Do Not allow him to keep you from fully integrating into 5D Energies.

I had a thought and for some this idea may seem pie in the sky; I am okay with that. What if gatherings took place across the world at the same time on the same day and everyone showed up with candles and just sent Trump and his followers Love? That’s all. No protest. No banners. No Anger. Just gathering together with the common goal of sending Trump love. Placing hands over heart instead of holding a sign or shaking a first. It doesn’t have to be long. Twenty minutes is good. I wonder what would happen…..

I welcome your comments, questions and points of view and ask that you speak your truth and keep the words and energy high vibe. Everything I engage in whether it is my personal life, work life, my Face Book posts, newsletters, and these blog posts, I do to inspire you to your greatness. To open up to more consciousness. To help release limitations and be your True Self, the Love, Light, Divine Being that you are. If any comment holds a low vibration I will delete it. This is my blog and my prerogative. Let’s keep it real and let’s keep it steeped in love.

~Love, Esther 

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