Awaken and Nourish Your Inner Buddha In Magical Thailand With Me Esther Bartkiw as your Host.

Are you ready to open to a higher spiritual path, take your next steps and be able to receive and radiate more light and love?

Are you ready to play a bigger role in the world and to deepen your contact with your true, innermost Self?

Then this Spirit Journey with me Esther Bartkiw is perfect for you.

Click on the Video to listen to a personal invitation to Join me in June in Thailand.

Learn Why This Trip is Going to Trigger Change in Your Life and How the change may unfold.

Plus check out my current location Belgrade, Serbia and the fabulous Moskva Hotel.

Retreat details and registration

If you have questions about the Spirit Journey send me an email and let’s get you answers!

~Love, Esther 


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