Alert Ascension Energy Download –> One Hour of pure upgrades. Just a short time ago at about 3 pm Jan 6th my time in Malaysia or 2 am Eastern time, we experienced an Ascension Energy Download that gave everyone saying YES to Ascension and 5D and above Living, a massive upgrade. Even for those in resistance, the energy worked with them offering opportunity to shift and see “Clearly.” (void of mind control) Our Free Will and Choice making is being very much respected. This Ascension wave is different and in addition to the energy update I wrote for January 6th so please read that post too as everything works together for good.
As I mentioned above, this wave which lasted about an hour was a pure upgrade of our mind, body, energy field. You know when you get those notices from websites that say our website will be down for maintenance on xxx … that is exactly what happened to us planet wide.
Why? Because we as collective are awakening and progressing in our Ascension Process more quickly now, in fact rapidly is the word I was told and the upgrade and download were necessary. Our eyes are open. Curiosity hats on.
Those living in North and South America were most likely sleeping during the time of the download. You may have experienced deep sleep, you know the kind of sleep that has you waking up with drool on your pillow, experiencing wild dreams not dreams more like visitations from people, message dreams, waking up feeling either super rested or feeling like you ran a marathon and need sleep.
For those who were awake like I was, a wave of sleepiness most likely hit you out of nowhere. This was the kind of download that caused deep fatigue rather then a wiring up. I was out walking around exploring my new hood when literally I went from a bounce in my step to barely being able to pick up my feet. It was all I could do to get back to my condo and crash for exactly an hour.
During that hour I had all kinds of dreams, not really dreams, and messages coming forth. I kept seeing images of Donald Trump and being told to pray for him as he is an instrument of great change in our world, which I always knew and even wrote about during the US Election, but the sense was that something BIG is coming down the pipeline in the next several days and like him or not, he is key. He is also showing each of us where we need healing in our lives.
I also saw an image of me with my beautiful niece telling her to get behind me as a shape-shifter appeared in front of us wanting to instill fear. No fear here only Light. You see as we were receiving this download, the Dark Forces or Counter Forces as I often refer to them were trying to stop or slow down the upgrade in anyway possible. I am being told they did not succeed.
I also received many messages about the upcoming Eclipse Season including the event I am hosting. For those already signed up wow this is going to a new 2.0 version of the event we have grown to love so much. Eclipses are game changers and Life is about to change once again.

I am also being told that while this download did affect our physical body and emotional systems, it was mostly a mental shift. A clean sweep of old beliefs and outdated concepts of reality ready to go, swept away in a one hour swoosh and then an upgrade to anchor in more Light, new awareness and openness. Be curious. Be open. Question everything. Believe nothing. Be open to all possibilities.

Once I woke up from my download nap, I felt refreshed but very thirsty and have been drinking lots of water. And I felt the nudge to offer you this update. So please read today’s energy update about the beautiful blessings of Mars and Jupiter woo hoo, and honour how you feel following this major energy wave. Even if you felt nothing, if you are on a conscious journey of ascension, and trust me if you are reading this post you are, you received in spades. Leave me a comment below and fill me in on your experience big, small or otherwise. It’s all good.
~Love, Esther
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