Following our intuition is a great way to live life but sometimes it’s hard to discern whether the guidance and direction we are getting is from our intuition or something else.  That little voice inside our Self might be a fear presenting or simply wishful thinking.

So how do we know if our internal messages are from intuition or something else?

First it is important to know what intuition is. I believe that intuition is a knowing, a gift of insight which comes from our Higher Self. I believe it flows from the deepest most powerful and loving parts of our Self. It is calm, confident, forgiving, non judgemental and grounding. It’s if I may be so cliche– like a Whisper From The Soul.

Your intuition is kind; never negative or harsh.

Your intuition is loving; never angry or hateful

Your intuition is gentle; never demanding or aggressive.

Your intuition will always be confident, never couched in fear or insecurity.

Your intuition will never send you confusing messages. If you are getting confusing messages then do nothing. Take no action instead be still. Meditate and get quiet. Be open to receive the guidance of your intuition and then that still small voice will come forward and be heard loud and  clear.

Learning to trust your intuition often comes through time and experiment. Many times in the past I thought I was being intuitive but really it was my wishful thinking that I was banking on. Later when I looked back on the situation wondering what went wrong,  I clearly saw that it was  my wishful thinking that was guiding me rather then intuition.

If your ego or wounded subconscious parts are guiding you the information will be layered with fear, pride, arrogance, judgement, anxiousness, insecurity and criticism. These parts of you are trying to protect you but they do it out of fear and worry rather then love and kindness.

Pay attention to those inner whispers and be conscious of what feelings and emotions are attached to them. This practice will help you to determine if that little whisper is your intuition or something else.

~Love, Esther

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