Past Life Regression is a gentle and healing form of psycho-spiritual therapy, a journey, that helps a person remember and connect with a past life experience or incarnation.

Some people choose a past life regression simply out of curiosity. They want to remember snippets of various past lives to get a sense of their history; of who they are.

Sometimes that curiosity is birthed from feeling drawn to a location, person, having unexplained talent or skills, knowledge and wanting to know more.

Most people undergo a past life regression (PLR) to explore unresolved emotions. To troubleshoot beyond the present life …. trauma, fears, beliefs, physical ailments; inner blocks.

I, Esther, believe strongly in addressing issues in present day life creating consciousness and awareness.

But there is a place for PLR. Sometimes after copious amounts of inner work and unresolved issues still at hand a peek into the past is a good idea; transformative.

We carry things over with us from past lives: talents, abilities, knowledge, emotional wounds, mental anguish, painful memories, limiting beliefs about self, other people; the world.

The core of your present day challenge may be anchored in a past life.

Regression therapy helps you to discover, explore and create healing leading to the change you seek.

If you are interested in a past life regression and or have questions email me at 

Love, Esther




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